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  1. Looking great! I got mine on 32mm bases with some fiddling. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/90458-bugbears-77231-77232-77233-77015/ They have a very wide-legged stance, similar to the Reaper orcs that also had to go on 32mm bases even though they are not particularly large.
  2. Thanks. I prefer the prepping and modding, so the more she paints the better! It works out well.
  3. The speed paints go on a little nicer than the contrast paints from GW I find. You have a bit more time to work with them vs the GW that tends to be less forgiving. You will likely want to do a quick varnish after the speed paints before the details as the paint is very easy to reactivate and smear. I bought some light primer and intend to try a zenethal highlight for the next batch I do. I have just been hand priming minis for now. Last time I did a big army and sprayed was decades ago. Thanks for the video.
  4. She has been painting minis for about 4 years now on and off. She draws a lot as well. Both kids are great artists, the other one paints on canvas, but doesn't like the small size of minis.
  5. Yes, another by my daughter, which is fine by me. I prefer the prepping and modding, and she prefers the painting.
  6. Painted up as a black dragon in a murky swamp by my daughter. Anything that is a dragon, horse, or winged being that is remotely part horse or dragon she snaps up and paints. ๐Ÿ˜Š It was hard to get good angles to capture the water and tree. Its roots extended down into the water and over the land. Edit: Ugh, when this forum messes up inserting images, it really messes up. That took a while. ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Another one done with speed paints for the entire base coat, then touched up with highlights and details. I wanted make it look like a river troll walking out of the water onto the shore. I put a bunch of work into plants and such for the base, then made the resin pour too dark. ๐Ÿ˜ž I probably need to go back and add ripples around the legs and shoreline, but the murky pour took away the motivation to finish it for now. Lessen learned for next time hopefully.
  8. Indeed. When she started my reaction was wtf are you doing? I didn't see the vision at first. The biggest thing I learned from her is to try and be less scared with trying more colours and combinations of colours.
  9. Thanks all! I really liked the result of the speed paints. I bought the initial set of 25 (I think) recently and just noticed they have another set with some metallic colours coming that I will likely get. Huge time saver. I primed these guys with a dark grey and then a liberal dry brushing of white to help with even more depth in the shadows. I don't know if it was completely necessary if you want to paint the minis fast, but I think it did add some extra depth. For the skin I did go back over the original speed paint layer with a very quick lime/yellow highlight to finish it off, but it was still a lot less steps than traditional build up of skin tone. I will post some more stuff with speed paints soon.
  10. Glad someone noticed. Because it was such a big area to cover I used cheap hobby paint (Ceramcoat maroon I think) and mixed in some silver metallic for the highlights. It gave the skin tone more life. I think his grandmother was a silver dragon. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. This one was fun to make, painting, not as much. Lots of area to cover. I had to put some hefty pins (hardwood floor stables) up through the bottom through his feet up to the knees to prevent bending. I also put them in his wings to prevent the droop people had previously commented on. One of my first attempts at a resin pour, it turned out pretty good, but did leak out around the front.
  12. Another one painted by my daughter. A mix of 2 or 3 speed paints wet blended for the body I believe.
  13. Painted by my daughter, who has a much better style and eye for colour than me. I really like this sculpt and the amazing results.
  14. Finally finished this one from ages ago. GW Dwarf Blood Bowl blitzer modded as a paladin riding a war pony (25mm scale). Lots of fun to make and paint. He has a removable magnetic shield as well, but I haven't got around to finishing the sculpting details on that yet.
  15. Howdy folks, Been a while since I posted anything, so here ya go. Getting back into some painting and lots of modding and prepping for future painting. Orc warband painted with mostly Army Painter speed paints and some GW contrast paints I picked up to test. Really like the way they work, especially the speed paints. The skin (I added more highlights), leathers and furs were all speed paints. Nice quick and decent results.
  16. Thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ surgery went well and the metal plate is holding the pieces together while it heals so at least I donโ€™t have a cast, just a removable splint. Regaining all my hand/arm strength is going to be the big challenge.
  17. These were super fun to paint. Two twig blights and a needle blight/dryad. Really great minis, the twig blights are especially expressive.
  18. Another from my daughter. If it is a horse or dragon she usually grabs it first. ๐Ÿ˜
  19. I have had a strange obsession with this creature since I saw it in the first monster manual. That drawing was so odd and fun it stuck with me. Had to make this one of my first Bones V paint jobs.
  20. Wasnโ€™t sure how much time I would spend painting in the summer when my Bones V showed up, then I broke my arm. So painting it is since most physical activity is out for now. a bunch of quick and easy Stone based minis I knocked out. - Stone golem Bones V - great mini - clay golem Bones V - ok mini, weird in between size. Wish it was a bit bigger. - Stone wall spell Bones V - crypt Bones IV - statue Bones IV
  21. My daughterโ€™s take on a white dragon with one of the old bones models. I really love the blue and pink tones.
  22. Have you checked your spam folder? My tracking email went to spam. I guess a company mass-mailing UPS links looks a bit suspicious.
  23. Got my shipping notice at 10:02 EST today. I am early Wave 1 (with dragon folk from the late container). Things are happening.
  24. Any idea what the delayed items are? I am not in a big hurry, but am a wave 1 backer in Canada with no notification yet.
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