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  1. 28 days later, ...and the zombies are unlocked. Here is your daily dose of charts, numbers and spreadsheets. Yesterday saw us stronger than the same day in Bones 4 for the first time in 9 days despite the pledge trolling that wiped about 5K(?) off the board. So far today we are already over 20K and 40 new backers. Things are looking strong. Between the pirate ship, the AMAZING final part of Greek Odyssey, and the upcoming Critical Role ad on Talks Machina, we should really start to move. I updated my spreadsheet with all the sets and add ons. With the latest additions to the GO expansion (and my best guess at retail cost/size) it is now the second best value of everything after the core set. Daimyo looking like it will be the weakest of the expansions once Dark Depths 3 is revealed, though we have yet to see Brinewind 2 & 3 as well. (Is it too late to replace the dinos with D&D races?) Anyways, get ready to strap in and enjoy the ride.
  2. Good morning folks. Welcome to what should be a wild week. Things started slow today with some false backers puling out large pledges, but from here on in it should just get crazier and crazier. Despite the slowdown, we are still trending well above Bones 4 (most recent and most similar to Bones 5). We haven't yet dipped below a $500K margin. With a good day today, the ship announcement and the reported plug by Critical Role, I can't see that changing except perhaps at the very end. Even the percentage gap to Bones 4 is still almost 30%. We should pass Bones 4 for backers today or tomorrow, then it is all eyes on Bones 1 for the record and the loot golem. Enjoy the week. P.S. Are these helpful? Do you want them daily, every few days, or no more charts?
  3. Modified my spreadsheet to include the core set extras. The core set value includes the four new zombies. As always, I am guessing at the relative values of each mini so value ratings (~relative value at retail/KS cost) are imperfect. Corrections and suggestions welcome. Edit: I noticed "Plater Characters" the instant I posted the image, of course.
  4. Here is the mid-day 25 update. I included the first half of today to show we are trending back upward. Yesterday (day 24) was trending to be the first sub-20K day since the first half of Bones 1. We were at or around 10K when that happened (from memory, someone can correct me if I am off) and ended up with a decent $25,228. The core split update and pricing invigorated pledges and that is carrying things forward today, as we are already at $21,735 and looking to hopefully crack back into the 40K range. Thank you core announcement. There was a Bones 5 KS low of only 67 new backers yesterday (previous 81). Despite that, we saw an upward trend in pledge amount, which again is likely from splitting the core. My view: If we can clear those busts and get to see GO 3, Depths 3 and Brinewind 2 I think things will start to ramp up nicely for the last push. Hopefully that will also be the lowest day for new backers and we will see the late arrivals start to trickle in before the 48 hour surge.
  5. Day 23 update. I added a chart with $ pledged gap between Bones 4 and 5.* New backers for day 23 was 94, so not too bad. Pledges was another story. At $20, 614 it just barely scraped by the 20K mark. This is the weakest day since day 15 of Bones 1. It is the 7th (and 4th consecutive) sub-30K day of the campaign. Bones 4 had 6 total days below 30K. The number of comments surged to 1200, almost doubling the previous day and the most since day 3 at the beginning of the campaign. My view: Hoping we see some previews and solid goals for the 3 outstanding expansion sets. It is easy for those familiar with these KS to say, don't worry, they will all unlock, but for new backers they may be wary of them funding. I have noticed a number of people worried about the expansions completing, and comments only account for a small number of backers. There may be a lot of people unsure. *Announcements that coincide with the rises and falls in the pledge gap: 1&2, these days were crazy, did not list everything 3. 2" bases & Reaper Goroloth 4. Trebuchet 5. Armory Shavynra Greek Odyssey preview 6. Daimyo 3 Dark Depths preview 7. Greek Odyssey 1 Storm giant 8. Spiders encounter Krateryx 9. Dark Depths 10. Gragg Dark Depths 1 Ship preview 11. Rune wights Dark Elves 12. Gragg unlocked 13. Arakoth 14. Greek Odyssey 2 15. nothing 16. 3 headed troll added Elemental scions 17. Brinewind 1 18. Loot golem & gem dragon 19. Gallowgard 20. nothing 21. Dark depths 2 22. nothing 23. Busts
  6. Ok folks, Here is the update at the end of day 22 and including the new busts. We're still ahead of any previous backer numbers and trending to beat the previous best from Bones 1. The pledges are also looking good. Slowing a bit more than Bones 4, but still quite far ahead with the huge initial surge. Looks like we should still surpass all previous KS campaigns, but hard to say for sure with the ability to add money after the KS ends. I updated my spreadsheet for rewards. The Value Rating is the Relative Value/(KS) Cost. Relative Value is my best guess on retail cost based on the images we have seen. Please feel free to correct me if you see any mistakes. And finally, I hope people really want those (very well sculpted) busts they've been asking for and we see the pledges start to move...
  7. As of day 20... The total pledge count finally fell below a previous KS (Bones 3), but that is not surprising as that campaign only went 19 days. We'll also fall below Bones 2 in about 2 days, but should surpass both in the end. Backers total is still strong and trending to eclipse the past records and 20K if we get even a moderate last day surge.
  8. It's pretty basic. I calculate the approximate total retail value based on the size of the minis and divide by the KS cost. Higher value is obviously better. Just a rough guide really. For the core, there are so many minis I think the approximate value will be pretty close as errors in estimating the cost of each are minimized. For sets with only one or a few minis, such as the scions, it might be less accurate. For example, they seem to be somewhere in the range between your standard $8 ogre and a $13 giant. I went with the giant cost, but maybe I should make one of them an $8 to balance them. In the end, just having fun, passing the time a bit. All suggestions for improvements are welcome.
  9. I have a question I have not found a clear answer to, any help would be appreciated. This is my first Bones KS, excluding Bones 4, which I did the late pledge through Reaper's pledge manager only. There is a limit of 10 items in the current KS. I understand this is a hard limit of what KS will allow. But, after the KS ends, and Reaper takes over with their own pledge manager, can I choose more than 10 options? I really don't want to create another account, in another wave, with additional shipping charges. As an offering for a clear response, I give you some spreadsheets and charts:
  10. Happy accident? Mixed too much putty while filing gaps on a mini. My daughter rolled it into a long stick & I decided to cut it into gold pieces. Next thing I know I’m making scrolls and goblets out beads & crafting a treasure pile token. This was a lot of fun to make. I decided to create Venomfang’s hoard from the D&D starter set module with the rusty dwarves axe inscribed with runes and all.
  11. Howdy. My older daughter, aka Kid 1, finished another mini. I think this is her third mini now. It’s the griffon from Bones 4. The wings and coloring were based on an owl. Enjoying the time spent painting with her and watching her quickly surpass my skills.
  12. Howdy folks, A small update on stripping Wizkids minis. I finally picked up two beholders and was planning to just paint them as is, but the mould lines got the better of me. I started scraping them off and noticed the primer was really thick while doing this and deiced, what the heck, let's see what I can get off the mini. So into my chem bath they went. The pics are from about 48 hrs in Castrol Super Clean with scrubbing/checking about every 12 hours. I think ~85-90% of the primer is gone. There is no sign of the glue they used releasing though. (The primer has a bit of a yellow tint to it in the pictures for reference.) I've noticed that the detail on the spikes seems to be better than what I could see when it was primed. (Sorry, forgot to take a before picture). The gums, tongue and other details have deeper grooves than they first appeared. I'm not sure how much of the primer I will get out of the deepest grooves, but plan to give it another day or two. I switched from the toothbrush I was using to a stiffer brush from my sculpting set. This seems to help a little. This is the stuff I am using. Castrol Super Clean. Biodegradable and almost no smell. Bit very corrosive to skin. You MUST wear gloves when handling it or the container it is in. Any amount will give you a chem burn. I'm not sure if my results are just lucky compared to others who have tried Super Clean, they changed their primer mix, or who knows what. Just hope others have some success, because damn, they really cake on the primer.
  13. I finished up two of the Bones 4 ghouls. The third one will be converted into a nothic when I have the time and urge to do so. Basing and painting them was a lot of fun and I am really happy with how they turned out. Photographing them on my crappy old iPhone was painful. I couldn't shoot on black background as the highlights just burned/washed out in a glare of white, no matter what I did with the light box and filtering the lights. On white the colours went crazy. On the brown/beige they were ok, but the colours were way off, so I had to adjust them as best I could. Still not really happy with how the pictures turned out, maybe it is time to get a new phone with a better camera... Any photography advice, especially for lighter skin/shades/highlights so they don't burn out white would be appreciated. Thanks. Edit: I took Doug Sundseth’s advice and painted out one of my backdrops grey and added a front light. This was just a quick snap, but I think they turned out better and the colours are truer. Thanks Doug. old photos:
  14. While you're recovering from the initial adrenaline rush of the Bones 5 Kickstarter, and awaiting the Reaper folks to wake up from a long night to update the stretch goals, here's a Bones 4 cyclops I just finished. I think I spent more time on the custom base than I did on the mini. This mini was mostly about experimentation. It was my first go at contrast paints, which I wrote about in another post. I also made an attempt at cobblestone for the first time to match the existing base and extend it to a 2" round base. The little pools of water are filled with Mod Podge (thinned with some water to flow better) over a brown/green and static grass growing out of them. I didn't let the Mod Podge dry enough before pics, so there is some white still showing. Think I will add a few more payers to give the water depth. Enjoy.
  15. That was wild. I pledged with 990 Wave 1's left, so I was one of the first few people. By the time I got my pledge to load (multiple tries) I was 1010th. Still managed to get into Wave 1 NA/Euro. Time to sit back and enjoy the ride...
  16. The ghouls are unpainted, but the bases are done. It just seemed much easier to paint the bases (and skull) first for these two, because of all the drybrushing and layering. The ghouls themselves should go quickly.
  17. I think it was printed on an Ender 3. Someone printed a bunch of 3D pieces for me in a trade for some other items.
  18. Yup, it is a well, with some giant tentacles bursting forth. A kind person printed me up some 3D terrain and objects, getting around to painting them. Need to finish off the flame and water options that go with the well. Corners are also magnetized for toppers and the like.
  19. ANother zombie done for an upcoming encounter. This one is an old GW mini I got with random bits. Replaced one hand and tore up his clothes with the scalpel blade. Working on speeding up my painting, just need to try and keep some more quality control as I do so. I was unsure of the colour scheme, but it has grown on me.
  20. They are a springy rubber. There is no pinning. What I did was precoat the base with varnish and then I superglued the legs to the base to pose them standing (as they are cast almost flat). Once you glue them like that they are kept in place by the tension of the opposing legs and don’t move much. To add a little bit of rigidity and ensure the paint stuck I did a thin coat of Mod Podge before priming. You can see I left one front leg in the air to look like it was walking. It moves a bit when painting, but no more than a Bones plastic spear. Hope that answers your question.
  21. Howdy, Here are a pair of budget giant spiders I made for my group's upcoming encounter in Thundertree (LMoP). These are rubber spiders from Party City. Bought an 8 pack with 4 different variants for $2 CAN and popped them onto 50mm Reaper bases built up with drywall spackle. Some modpodge, primer, a bit of paint and flocking, and there you go.
  22. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! The bloody stumps were a last minute decision. When my party meets the rogre eventually I will at some point have a hand get cut off to surprise them. The extra head is from a GW rogre. I got a bag of bits* in a sale and it was one of the parts. The GW size matched perfectly. You can see the build here. *I love bits bags. I enjoy trying to make each mini a bit unique, even if just something with the basing. I wish Reaper and other companies sold more bits and pieces. I'd even take defects. Donations also accepted.
  23. Looks great, but that is definitely not a tabaxi rogue...
  24. Howdy. Here are the final pictures of my two-headed rat ogre conversion from the Bones 4 core set. You can see the conversion work in progress thread here. These lads were a lot of fun to convert and paint. Sorry for the overload of pictures, it is hard to get good angles to show the heads properly and the interchangeable arms as well. Hope you enjoy.
  25. I hadn't planned on painting this "hoe"-hum mini until I ran out of most of the others, but I needed some zombies and the slack-jawed yokel expression on this guy looked like he could pass as a walking corpse. A little time under the xacto blade and the necromancy took hold. I think he makes a much better zombie than a farmer. Contrast paint update: I made some comments on my trials with contrast paints on the cyclops here. I used the leather again on this guy and it went very well. I painted the hood and the leg wraps over a base of AP Mummy Robes. The shoes and glove I just decided to try going over the raw bones black and it worked. It gave a nice darker leather. I thought great, no need to prime. But testing more minis (both bones white and black) I could not get the contrast to stick. No idea why it worked on this guy. Will experiment more.
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