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  1. Have you tried Castrol SuperClean degreaser? It comes in a purple bottle. I use it on both plastic and metal minis and it takes everything off really well, with no damage to the minis.It is very low odor and biodegradeable, so you can use it indoors. I use it in my basement at the utility sink. 24 hours is usually long enough. WARNING! It WILL GIVE YOU CHEMICAL BURNS if you get it on you. I am usually lazy about the whole safety gear thing, but I used gloves for this because of the warning. Then when I had finished I accidentally touched some that got on the outside of the yogurt container I soak the minis in and got a bad burn on my fingers from a trace amount. Wear gloves. I hope it works for you. I have avoided Wizkids because of the crappy primer spray and huge mold lines. If you have success I may give one a go.
  2. Thanks, I really appreciate it. Tried glazing medium recently and have been using that now for all my blending and highlights. So much easier to control and layer up.
  3. Last progress pics of this one. Just have to let it all dry so I can varnish and add the rocks and grass. Then better pics of the details. I have discovered it is not easy photographing something with two heads looking different directions.
  4. Howdy. Had this one on the go for a while, but the painting is going slowly in between other things. Had a 25mm armoured horse I wanted to use, so figured it would make a great war pony for a dwarf. Compared to current 28mm heroics it was just too small for anything else. Lots to paint still, mostly blocking things out and getting an idea of colours. Used a GW dwarf blitzer (from Blood Bowl) for the dwarf. I liked the helmet he is wearing with the half-mask, it made him a perfect for a follower of Gorm Gulthyn. I also put a magnet in his left arm and have a removable shield started with green stuff (not pictured). I wanted him to have a long weapon for use while mounted, so why not a giant meat tenderizer. Not enough lucerne hammers in D&D. Buts & pieces: Dwarf - GW BB blitzer Horse - 25mm unknown Keg, rope and saddle bag - GW bits wrapped package on the right side - stolen from a 15mm samurai peasant lucerne hammer - cut from some bones sprue leftovers with GW bits And a bunch of green stuff for the sleeping bag, reins, stirrups, etc.
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Thanks, I lifted that from the classic song (If I had a Hammer), with a few tweaks to the lyrics. Go for it! Looking forward to seeing the results.
  6. If I Had a Spiritual Hammer I'd hammer in the morning I'd hammer in the evening All over this land I'd hammer out danger I'd hammer out a warning Unless I am out of spell slots Then I'd use my own hand This is a spiritual weapon counter I made for my nephew's cleric. Used the hammer hand option from Borin Ironbrow and green stuff. You can see the build pictures here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87638-stop-spiritual-hammer-time/ This was the first time I experimented with glaze medium and it seemed to work quite well. I tried to not be as picky/slow as usual and just "let it flow". I expect I will be using glaze a lot more as I get better with it. Feedback welcome, lots of room to improve my sculpting and painting skills.
  7. A bit more progress. Fur is just about done except a few small details to fix. Most of the colours blocked in and awaiting highlights and shading. Sorry for the front shot being a bit out of focus, didn't notice when I took it.
  8. Still a ways to go, but starting to take shape with some colours getting laid down.
  9. Great conversion! Been thinking about doing the same with one of the 3 ghouls from Bones 4. This gives me inspiration to do it.
  10. First off, I never seem to be able to complete any project until I have started 3 or 4 others. So, my rat ogre, frost giants and others are still ongoing. Yet here I am, starting something else (which will hopefully be a quick one). I get an idea, I get sidetracked. My nephew's cleric loves spiritual weapon. He casts it, Every. Single. Time. the party gets into an altercation. So I figured he needed a mini token for it. I whipped this up pretty quickly. I'm not 100% satisfied with my green stuff work, there are some bumps and bends not quite as desired, but I think it will look better painted and work as intended as a mystical swirl. The fine detail is definitely tricky. I also regret not using a bit of milliput yellow/grey in the mix, I think it would have been easier to work with and a bit stronger. Live & learn every time I sculpt something new. Made from: • Reaper hammer option for Borin Ironbrow (07011) (I got 4 with an order, so maybe more spiritual weapons later?) • reaper 20mm base • paperclip • green stuff
  11. I broke down and bought two pots of contrast paints (Darkoath Flesh & Snakebite Leather) to test on the Reaper cyclops from bones 4. I still need to base it and maybe do a few touch ups.This was a fast paint (for me) thanks to the contrast paint for the skin and loin cloth. I tried to make it a speed paint to see how it would turn out overall. Pros: • Saved a lot of time with the skin not needing to do any highlighting or washes. • Looks good if you get it right. I don't think I got this quite right. (See below in cons) • Because it is so thin, being in a pot instead of dropper is begrudgingly good. Normally I hate the pots, but it works for this so you don't waste any and it is easy to get at. Cons: • Not easy to apply. It goes on easy enough if you don't care much for the results, but the trick is definitely in how you apply it. You need to work fast, with minimal passes (ideally no more than 2 strokes anywhere) and keep it clean if you are going to use contrasts on other areas. If you use too many strokes or come back to an area after a few seconds you will mess it up. It will either build up and blotch, or pull off the paint (or both in some areas, making a huge mess). With the cyclops being my first go I over did the flesh a bit and the leather a lot. The bag is one coat of leather (maybe a bit too thin) and the cloth about two coats as I tried to mess with it as I was applying it. I did a second mini with the flesh paint and already it looks better with improved technique and knowing what to expect. • It is expensive. (Though the trade off is it saves a lot of time.) Verdict: A lot of potential. If you are painting for contests, not likely of use, but I believe you can get very good tabletop quality from specific colours in specific applications it if used right. Skin will be the biggest time saver. I plan on getting some colours for goblin & kobold skin to try those out. Updates to come...
  12. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I needed a green dragon for the LMoP campaign and this one seemed to fit the description (in 5e) well. Thanks, the scales were fun to do. Thanks. Wet blended it as the first layer over the base bones material. Started with the golden yellow and brushed it out to white (base material), then quickly came back with the green the other direction, leaving a nice blend with some fading in between. Then just light layers of each colour back and forth for highlights and shadows, etc. If you want the colours I can look them up. I'll take a look. Might have to try and do something better with the next one I paint. ;)
  13. Thanks folks. Small update shot to show the wraps better with some paint and wash.
  14. Howdy. This is a Bones fire dragon painted up as a green dragon strolling through the forest. Lots of fun to paint, quick and easy compared to fiddly little PC/NPC characters. First time doing a dragon, so lots of little things I would do different or improve next time, but happy with the results.
  15. I hummed & hawed a bit about cutting off an arm, then finally decided to take the plunge. Added magnets so I can use the original hand or the blade arm. Found an ogre bit and covered the hand with ragged wraps to make it look like it was surgically added.
  16. Thanks folks! After I took the pics I used an exacto to make some small holes (by spinning it) in the nose of the original head to help match the GW head. Still considering cutting off one hand and magnetizing it with an optional bladed/metal claws hand.
  17. My first concert. Amazing show. Opening acts were Voivod and Twisted Sister.
  18. Decided the B4 rat ogre needed a little something different. I like to change each mini even just a bit if I can. I had an extra head, so why let good bits go to waste. Won't make him any smarter, but definitely nastier. Even the chain at his waist was perfectly built for a little skaven doohickey. ...now to paint.
  19. Howdy, Finishing up painting my first dragon. This is the Reaper fire dragon (77109) painted up as a green. I still need to finish the base with a nice forest scene or rocks, logs and grass. Maybe a little highlighting here or there on the scales or the wing tips/spikes if I get the urge to. I see why people enjoy painting them now, enjoyable to do the large areas on the wings and scales, and so much faster than fiddly little PC/NPC minis. Enjoy.
  20. Thanks. She did the wing blending (and the head) with her fingers. Brushed on the paint, then smoothed and blended by hand. I think I will try it myself on a mini.
  21. This was the second attempt ever by my oldest to paint a mini and it turned out great imo. I think she has now unofficially claimed all the dragons and flying creatures as her own. (I over-exposed the pictures a bit with my crappy phone camera and lack of photography skills.)
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