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  1. Wonderful flowers and what a beautiful yellow! I love bright colors and here it is at it's best
  2. Beautiful paintjob. I like how clear und clean you paint him.
  3. Mjam ... looks like a cake with vanilla sauce ...
  4. Will you remove on Maisy the Maid this huge flash on her left side? It goes from the head to the toes and pop directly in my eyes The others will still looking good. Great output.
  5. Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it
  6. The idea was to build a little diorama with the header "Make peace, not war" I called the result "Flower Power". I think the mage is from Reaper, but I'm not sure. The orc and the wraith are both from an really old range from GW. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
  7. @vhaidra Thank you very much. The color is Scab Red from GW. But I think this color is no longer in production. From Vallejo is Sanctuary Red equal to Scab Red. @Glitterwolf Thank you
  8. Oh this i don't have realize till now. It's ok for me @Cupshotten but your stuff should be in your thread, addicted to you @vhaidra Why I don't say anything? It would be too easy You had to go to the forum and look yourself at my thread But after all ...thank you very much. I'm glad you like it. And now the journey is going further. Before I could make pictures, the miniatures are finished. And with these three fellows, the nine are complete. Meriadoc Brandybuck Peregrin Took Gimli Son Of Gloin The next
  9. Unfortunatly I didn't made WiPs from the further fellows. But they are finished. And now I'll like to share the diorama base WiPs with you.
  10. To paint skin is a challenge. And somedays I'll accepted this an will try to do so. But as perfect as your skin tone on Titania, this will be a long way. Especially to paint the smooth skin from women, it's all but not easy. I stay tuned for the updates.
  11. The next two fellows are finished. This was going so fast, I can't make WiP pictures
  12. Awesome. You did a great job there.
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