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  1. Token Bard reporting for duty cap'n!
  2. That case alone sold me on the VIP ticket
  3. I would be 100% in. Realistic coloring is interesting enough, but feathers are my favorite.
  4. Will do! Hmu when you guys are on your way up and we can grab lunch at a local spot
  5. Booked + bringing more people than last year
  6. Howdy! Name: Sloan, Incubus, inky, the bribable DM Pronouns: he/him Huggability: depends on how much caffeine I've had Also, enjoy workcat
  7. I'm not sure if it's something that y'all would be interested in @Kangaroorex, but I know that there are many AL games that aren't in growtix. I believe they are all tier 1(most of them the intro modules), but they are specifically for walk-ups and new players.
  8. Forecast says Saturday and Sunday will be 90°/70°F, so kind of chilly for August
  9. You should be able to go into the separate tickets and manage their schedules independently
  10. If either of you still has space on Wednesday and Thursday, I could use a crash site
  11. Oh shoot, I just saw this! If you are still taking participants, I'm in. Forum Name Forum image Wed-Sun
  12. Oh no.....Now I have to expand my budget somehow...
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