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  1. A large cyclops, a giant sphinx (up to dragon size), a sea serpent/leviathan, a huge "not demogorgon", maybe a few more angels, an astral dreadnought, and some more mutant looking miniatures.
  2. Actually my project for tonight was beating you to it!
  3. Thank you guys, and yeah I'm excited to post more here.
  4. My first post here! I thought the bones 4 ape men would make good soldiers for my growing demonic army. Still thinking of tweaking some of the smaller details and considering also painting the armored one as a barlgura. Tried to give some texture by dry brushing orange over a black base coat for fur. I also tried to dry brush around the eyes to create a deep red glowing effect. Shown with a human paladin for scale. C and c welcome but keep in mind I’m pretty new to this! The monster Manual art for reference:
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