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    Minis we would like to see

    A large cyclops, a giant sphinx (up to dragon size), a sea serpent/leviathan, a huge "not demogorgon", maybe a few more angels, an astral dreadnought, and some more mutant looking miniatures.
  2. Manarchist

    Bones 4 Apemen as Barlguras

    My first post here! I thought the bones 4 ape men would make good soldiers for my growing demonic army. Still thinking of tweaking some of the smaller details and considering also painting the armored one as a barlgura. Tried to give some texture by dry brushing orange over a black base coat for fur. I also tried to dry brush around the eyes to create a deep red glowing effect. Shown with a human paladin for scale. C and c welcome but keep in mind I’m pretty new to this! The monster Manual art for reference:
  3. Manarchist

    Bones 4 Apemen as Barlguras

    Actually my project for tonight was beating you to it!
  4. Manarchist

    Bones 4 Apemen as Barlguras

    Thank you guys, and yeah I'm excited to post more here.