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  1. JudgeSamson

    Dark young and ooze

    Nice job on these. Both cause me to feel a bit squeamish, which is a good thing. :) Also, great job on the color transition on the Dark Young!
  2. JudgeSamson

    T'Raukzul in blue

    Nicely done!
  3. JudgeSamson

    If I Had a Spiritual Hammer (07011 Conversion)

    Very nice, I like the little ditty, too! :)
  4. JudgeSamson

    Jack Burton - Big Trouble in Little China

    That's great, nice job!
  5. JudgeSamson

    Cave Troll Bones 77004

    Here's the bones Cave Troll! I painted some of the pustules red with white-heads on them...very gross and troll-ey. :)
  6. JudgeSamson

    02119 Knight Templar

    Thanks, stormbreach! YouTube painting tutorials are incredibly helpful. ;)
  7. JudgeSamson

    02119 Knight Templar

    Thank you, Iridil! I figured if he's going to the Holy Land he should have a blue gem in honor of Our Lady. :)
  8. JudgeSamson


    Very nice!
  9. JudgeSamson

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 10

    Great job, these look really nice!
  10. JudgeSamson

    Giant Spider 77025

    Here's the creepiest mini I own, and my wife's least favorite!
  11. JudgeSamson


    Very nice! That drool/slime is amazing! How did you accomplish such a feat?
  12. JudgeSamson

    Nothic conversion - 77028

    Very well done. All painted up, it looks like an original mold. Great eye!
  13. JudgeSamson

    Bones 4 armoured goblins

    Those goblins look great!
  14. That looks great. I like the brains in the spider guys.
  15. Very nice, I like the staging!