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  1. With the new Bones Black, a good way to sell “tons” of minis would be to do a variety of “rank and file” figures. Most gamers are likely to need lots of zombies, evil henchmen and the likes. These types of figures can be done for several “period” like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Pulp, etc. Some could even be made so they’ll be in scale with the average historical minis out there. For example, figures like the Nova troopers from the first KS were helpful as proxy “stormtroopers” but, they suffer from the weaker details of the first bones material... they were a tad too bendy and lacked some details. Anyhow, I think these types of figures would sell them... giant ants, giant spiders, giant rats and lot of different “dungeon swarms” could sell well too... Maybe from a KS Bones V
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