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  1. Thanks so much! This is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for in here. You are absolutely right, I will increase shadows this way.
  2. I did NOT expect a story to make me cry in this forum. And then, accidentaly, I run into this thread. Reading the original post from 2012, I felt in love with your love, and I was hoping sooo much to find the happy ending on page number 4... And it really is here!! So I am sitting in my office in Prague, crying and smiling. Colleagues are kinda puzzled. And I am so happy for you guys. And, btw, think about writing a book or scenario,t he story is worth it and you absolutely have the propper skills
  3. I love you, I love you, I LOVEEEE YOOOOU! https://media.giphy.com/media/l0Hek8mXSBY772iMo/giphy.gif Really, I am a huge fan of Reaper minis, thank you for being so awesome (and for the free shipping :)). I felt in love with the plastic figures the most. Is there any chance for more plastic Chronoscope figures? I love those designs, and I am craving for plastic zombies (nazis & miners & strippers & Bonnie & other), victorian ones, Rudd Starslider, postapocalyptic ones, Coraline, Vermina, Rowena, Billy Joe, Cinderella, Belle, Evie, Bill Foster, scary clowns, Victoria Jacobs, Edna and Farrah <3 <3 <3
  4. Good idea, thanks! Yesterday, I found a new challenge. For some reason, I am not able to take a sharp picture of any painted Reaper skull. I took like 40 pics from various angles, and it is never sharp... (I will add some more highlights on the green coats)
  5. WOW!!! It is all beautiful, but the galaxy wings... Perfection.
  6. Great! <3 And I see the same issue I have - why the hell is impossible to focus on painted skulls? I finished few skeletons yesterday and I found impossible to make sharp pics of their heads! Reaper mystery... :)
  7. Wow, I am in love with the back (great work with the light!) and the base.
  8. Wow, thx a lot <3 So, I tried the first mini from Layer Up! set. I really like the brushes and it is great that I could store my Vallejo paints in the suitcase... But why the hell does the wand look like baguette and not like wood? :D :D
  9. Awesome! Especially the base.
  10. Since I left my parents flat, I never felt the need to have a Christmas tree... but now, now I NEED it! I could easily remake earrings into lovely chirstmas tree ornaments! <3 --------- And generally, guys, thx a lot for such positive reactions! I didnt expect them at all. More washing and some additional "love", given to bases, are useful tips. I ordered "layer up" kit, so I hope next earrings will be nicer.
  11. Hi guys, I am new to this awesome miniatures world, and I felt in love with Reaper figures completely <3 :) I would like to share few I painted lately. I would appretiate some constructive criticism. I know the rat needs a bit more "depth" (shadows) and the skeleton warrior is kinda flat too... And the flesh golem doesnt have enough contrast...And the witch has no face at all... And Mr. Bones´s bones are too white... (and yep, I make earrings from them :)
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