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  1. What are you trying to do to the wings that doesn't work? I actually spent about 5 days staring at pages of pictures of circuit boards on google images :))))) before I even touched the paintbrush. And then I started drawing circuits from memory on paper. And once i felt they looked good I turned to the mini and chose a color scheme and started painting.
  2. Thanks TaleSpinner! I'll definitely come to ReaperCon at some point. Either this year or the next depending on how the covid-19 situation evolves.
  3. As promised some months ago, I painted a wyrmgear like a circuit board :) Enjoy!
  4. I am backing up a talented artist on Patreon called Romain Gautier who makes 3D models of minis under the name of RG Sculpt (https://www.patreon.com/rgsculpt). A friend of mine printed RG's models of turtle people and today I'd like to show you how I painted them. I chose a different species for each turtle and I did mix in some tortoise species, too. Enjoy! Note: almost all the photos have been lit a bit because they came out too dark to see the pattern where the shadows fell. One day I'll learn how to properly photograph minis. :) And now for a close-up of each one. The boss. I actually painted this one first, before I decided I wanted to do turtle species. So it was just my limited knowledge of turtles - some green and some brown. :) I decided their weapons looked like carved bone and ivory with glowing blue runes. I painted this one as a sea turtle. Or at least some attempt of a sea turtle haha :)) This one is a Northern Map Turtle. This one is a Leopard Tortoise and it's the same mini as the Northern Map Turtle. I had a duplicate. This one is a Spotted Turtle. This one is a Diamondback Terrapin. And last but not least, the slingshot enthusiast is an Angulate Tortoise.
  5. This is the kind of paint job I've been drooling at for the last year. I've only just started wet blending and I've got a long way to go :)) Amazing details and blending. The gem looks incredible.
  6. They're adorable! I like the wood effect and the parchment effect on the books' pages.
  7. Oh sorry, by bend I meant angle the wings forward. I left the wings straight. You can bend plastic by dipping the piece in boiling water and then using pliers while it's still hot to shape the soft plastic. Then dip it in ice cold water so it keeps it shape.
  8. Oh, that would have been a great idea! The secret math runes of flight. Hadn't thought about it. I have Fibonacci's spiral, Euler's equation, 3 proofs for Pythagoras' theorem, how to build a hexagon in a circle, the trigonometric circle and an Epitroichoid.
  9. Mutilatedlips, nooo, please still paint your wyrmgear. It's all about having fun. And creativity comes in the execution as well. You don't have to plan everything from the beginning. Certainly. Here they are. So I thought this model could strike quite an intimidating look if I tweaked a few things. I was frustrated that the wings in the standard position were so close together - so much hidden space which begged to be painted. I liked the curled front limb and I thought the whole dragon could stand taller instead of crawling on all fours like a common beast. So I made that pink blob of clay for support and then boiled the hind legs to stretch them a bit because they were too bent and I needed them to be longer (also one of the limbs was a bit twisted and I straightened that) to help support the new position. Once that was done, I glued the tail to the body and painted each piece separately. I glued the body together with the limbs and made sure it was stable. And then I added the wings with green putty which I later painted Copper Orange. I wanted Wyrmgear to show off his wings in a proud, intimidating way and so I angled them such that both front and back can be comfortably viewed and also I made them lean forward a little as if the dragon is reaching to whoever dares question its power. I guess I put Smaug's attitude in this piece. "My wings... are your 6th grade's worst nightmare!" The photos should show the angle of the wings. And the way the hind legs are positioned - not all the way into the socket, a bit apart and rotated inside on the front hip. The model is limping a little as the right hind leg is a bit off the ground, but it still stands very well on its own.
  10. I painted the green stuff. Here're more photos as promised.
  11. Thanks everyone for your kind words and welcomes :) I've been following this website for a while now and I decided to finally post my own work. I'm glad you like the dragon. I ordered another wyrmgear and I plan to paint that one in the style of circuit boards. So blue, green and gold will dominate.
  12. Hi everyone! I though wyrmgear would look good with some parchment with various math diagrams and equations on its wings so I painted it like such. I also wanted it to pose in some sort of vanity position so I changed its limbs to be more elevated on the upper half and used green stuff to attach the wings at an angle so they are visible from the front and back. I will add more photos from different angles once the green stuff dries. Enjoy! :)
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