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  1. Oh I'm sorry. I missed that when I was reading the post guidelines. I will remove it right away. Just wanted to give an example of what I used.
  2. it took me 2 evenings to paint the mammoth, about 7 evenings to paint and sculpt the rest. and i thought about it for a month before actually starting : ))
  3. This is a bunch of minis in one. I was looking at my pygmy mammoth mini a couple of months ago and I just felt the need to dangle something from its tusks. I found some little bottles I had bought years ago from a Michaels or Joann and the rest of the ideas followed smoothly. I chopped some phosphorescent plastic from a little dino model you find in Fred Meyer and put those in the bottles and they do glow in the dark. I wasn't able to take a good photo of that, alas. I first saw the idea of a large pack animal with lanterns on it, traveling into an uncertain world, years ago when I saw this art: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/7638820 and fell in love with it. List of materials - Pygmy mammoth https://www.reapermini.com/search/mammoth/latest/44111 - Shadoweyes Catfolk rogue https://www.reapermini.com/search/cat rogue/latest/44118 - Adventuring accessories https://www.reapermini.com/search/02638 - Adventuring accessories II https://www.reapermini.com/search/02963 - green stuff (I used the silicone sculpting brushes and vaseline to get this level of detail) - little bottles from Michaels or Joann - phosphorescent plastic (I used the plastic support for the dino pieces from JARU, Inc. Dino World Glow Fossils - no dino pieces were harmed in the making of this mini) Here are more close up photos. And here is the making process. He even has a uvula :) I chopped off the platform and the swords from the rogue cat. And then I cut off its legs and tail so i could reposition them on top of the mammoth. And then I summoned the green stuff. It was really hard to detach the sacks from their metal anchor. I was basically chewing away at the metal with my pliers. But eventually they came off. Priming this was challenging. I sealed the base with a heavy layer of gloss sealer later on. Invoking more green stuff, this time for the cape, blanket edges and the harnesses. I used the cap on one of my new brushes to support the rolled up corner of the cape overnight otherwise it would have fallen flat. I smeared it with vaseline so it wouldn't stick and become a problem once the green stuff dried. Sculpted the edges of the blanket because just painting the dangly threads on the mammoth looked flat and most unsatisfactory. I think I'll name her Shen. And have her wreck havoc for my players in my D&D campaigns. I don't have photos for the harnesses because after staring at this mini for so long I got dizzy and had to lie down. And then I forgot to take pics and I finished the piece. The harnesses are just twisted long strips of green stuff. I measured the distance from the tusk to the hand and then made them and let them dry before attaching them. Hope you enjoyed this build :)
  4. Thanks :) I like the quality of the print a lot. It is by far the best I've worked with for 3D printed minis. It shows some lines, but the surface is smooth and pleasant. The material I chose was Plastic which brings a mini to 19.99 USD. That is the cheapest option. It's really fun to be able to position your mini any way you want to, however it is quite pricey, so I only use it if I can't find what I'm looking for on reapermini. The collection of art you can choose from to customize your mini is growing, however I still find it rather limiting. And they only offer humanoids, no monsters or animals on all fours or objects.
  5. This is Thrasios, a triton ranger and one of the players in my D&D 5e Theros campaign. I built this mini in Hero Forge according to the player's description and added my own touches to it. For example, I was inspired by the neon tetra fish in painting the skin and I used Greek hoplite reference pictures to paint the armor.
  6. that's the cutest thing!! I love the eyes and the shiny scales. amazing job! congrats!
  7. I love the gradient on those muscles. I'm still struggling to paint gradient. Great work!
  8. I'm a huge Okami fan. I've played the game end to end 5 times and I have it in progress a 6th time. I took Reaper Mini's Spirit Wolf and painted it like the white wolf, Amaterasu. Then I sculpted its iconic, flaming reflector out of green stuff and attached it to its back also with green stuff. Enjoy!
  9. Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krakenships/krakenships-miniatures-28mm-fantasy-tabletop-figures/description
  10. What are you trying to do to the wings that doesn't work? I actually spent about 5 days staring at pages of pictures of circuit boards on google images :))))) before I even touched the paintbrush. And then I started drawing circuits from memory on paper. And once i felt they looked good I turned to the mini and chose a color scheme and started painting.
  11. Thanks TaleSpinner! I'll definitely come to ReaperCon at some point. Either this year or the next depending on how the covid-19 situation evolves.
  12. As promised some months ago, I painted a wyrmgear like a circuit board :) Enjoy!
  13. I am backing up a talented artist on Patreon called Romain Gautier who makes 3D models of minis under the name of RG Sculpt (https://www.patreon.com/rgsculpt). A friend of mine printed RG's models of turtle people and today I'd like to show you how I painted them. I chose a different species for each turtle and I did mix in some tortoise species, too. Enjoy! Note: almost all the photos have been lit a bit because they came out too dark to see the pattern where the shadows fell. One day I'll learn how to properly photograph minis. :) And now for a close-up of each one. The boss. I actually painted this one first, before I decided I wanted to do turtle species. So it was just my limited knowledge of turtles - some green and some brown. :) I decided their weapons looked like carved bone and ivory with glowing blue runes. I painted this one as a sea turtle. Or at least some attempt of a sea turtle haha :)) This one is a Northern Map Turtle. This one is a Leopard Tortoise and it's the same mini as the Northern Map Turtle. I had a duplicate. This one is a Spotted Turtle. This one is a Diamondback Terrapin. And last but not least, the slingshot enthusiast is an Angulate Tortoise.
  14. This is the kind of paint job I've been drooling at for the last year. I've only just started wet blending and I've got a long way to go :)) Amazing details and blending. The gem looks incredible.
  15. They're adorable! I like the wood effect and the parchment effect on the books' pages.
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