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  1. Old mage finally tracks down the Lost Grove of Wisdom only to find it overrun by cat dragons.
  2. I'm working on my blends and highlights. I'm quite pleased with how this manticore came out. The collage photo was too big to upload here so I posted it to my deviantart page https://www.deviantart.com/parysaursnest/art/Manticore-921125574 I tried to do NMM on every scale. This is the side I had the most patience with. Some of the other scales show that I was getting sore at the workbench haha.
  3. Any news about the Quarter 2 competition? Today is supposed to be the last day of voting, but the album didn't appear on facebook.
  4. Thank you! Yes, they loved it ^^ I am actually printing the group photo we took at the end and putting it in my workshop.
  5. My 1 and a half year long D&D campaign in Theros has ended today and the present I gave each of my players was an amphora painted in ancient Greek style with the epic tale of their character. Big thank you to Nautical3D on Etsy for printing me these great amphoras! And a giant thank you and much love to my players for sticking with me as I learned to DM and improvise sessions. They kept coming back every other week for my stories which gave me confidence that maybe it's worth sharing my art with the world. 🙂 I planned these amphoras as a gift 1 year ago and most of the work was waiting for the campaign to happen so I know what to paint haha! I looked at a lot of pictures of ancient Greek vase art and then made some concept art. Finally I put brush to vase and the final result happened. Enjoy! This is the side with the main characters and the reverse side - a character that was important to their story Sophia the warlock, human oracle. She was secretly a time traveler, here to repair the time flow and she was a champion of Kruphix. Alcolus the satyr bard was another time traveler that they bumped into and he worshiped Karametra. Laetus the leonin barbarian, overly proud champion of Heliod. He saved a Pegasus among many others. Amaranthe, the wood elf monk, a champion of Kruphix. She comes from the elusive Black Forest NW of Theros, guided by her god when her home was destroyed. Vanessa the cougar tabaxi rogue comes from the same place. They meet over a game of chess. Urisys, the satyr bard, champion of Klothys. She can see the strands of destiny tying people to where they are meant to be and she guides them on their right path through her songs. She loves to sing in taverns and there is always a crowd with her. Zelos, the minotaur fighter, champion of Iroas. He and his twin brother were trialed by the gods in an athletics competition when they were young and they both did well. But while Zelos went and won the Akroan games and became a legendary athlete, his twin, Kratos became a champion of Mogis. Destined to fight, their clash caused the two gods to fuse together into the long forgotten god of war which I depicted as a soldier riding a white bull. Thrassios, the triton ranger, devout champion of Thassa. The Tidelock Pearl was stolen from Thassa and he set out to get it back. Turns out Purphoros sent his champion, Lynda the steam golem to steal the pearl because he wanted to create flesh and blood creatures like Thassa did instead of just metal ones and this artifact would help him do that. Once the story got out, Thassa was both mad and flattered by her secret admirer. In the end, the two gods ended up dating and learning from each other's love for building and creating. Here are some photos from the process and some concept art I made to learn the ancient Greek painting style.
  6. Haha, it's just chili meatball soup and chicken noodle soup 🙂 I guess it could be mystery meat.
  7. The demogorgon's appearance kind of unsettles me and originally I thought of giving this mini to a friend. But upon seeing the puddles of bubbling something on the base, I got the idea that those should be bubbling puddles of soup. And the rest followed from there 🙂
  8. there are bones pushing out of the wounds and part of the spine pushing out on the back. But covering the back should be pretty straightforward. There is one long spike coming out of his right leg, but that's the only challenge I see to covering it with fur. I'm looking forward to seeing it! thanks 🙂 here is a pic!
  9. I wanted a nice, vanilla mammoth with no added flourishings or sun burn marks 🙂 The gore in his wounds were a bit too much for me to stomach so I just painted them like skin and ivory. They were wonderfully sculpted with intricate detail. I am sorry I cannot do them justice with my brush.
  10. I figured this guy would be a raven, but I thought its beak was a bit too big so I made him into a Toucan 🙂
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