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  1. Thanks Reaper for sorting out access to my account! Haha, wooo! The fairies, mummies, Frankenstein are out now, also Phil is one of our sculptors so there's lots more you might not have seen. You can search for sculptor name on the website so you can see all the Phil goodies we have now. https://badsquiddogames.com/shop#!/~/search/keyword=phil hynes Also in the Fenris Games Kickstarter now is the undead minotaur and weresheep http://kck.st/3RMeSk8
  2. I took a bunch of pictures with some of my (Bad Squiddo Games) minis and they look super! I also got Ian for an interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXlDME9OZTk It ends 6pm UK time today so pop over as LOADS of stuff has been unlocked! I upped my own pledge as I now want a load of it for photographing my range in some scenics as it's so good. http://kck.st/3RMeSk8
  3. Wahey, thanks, that was my line! Haha! They were all un named when I got to it (I've worked on all the graphics and kickstarter page) so I made it up myself and Fenris liked it so they've stayed ๐Ÿ˜„ Inarah - Dark Fable went to Dragonbait after Mike passed away, and Fenris are the UK rep for them, so they handle the Dark Fable in the UK for Joe at Dragonbait. New stretch goals! Premature for the flame pots but I'm heading home for the bank holiday weekend soon so I whacked it in ๐Ÿ˜„ I'm meeting Ian from Fenris at the weekend to take some pictures of the buildings he has been painting up by itself and with a range of different minis, including some of my Bad Squiddo WW2 to show it doesn't have to just be fantasy
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fenrisgames/rubble-city-2 Hello! I'm helping Ian at Fenris out with this campaign on the tech and people side so he has more time to do what he does best - sculpting and casting! I'm helping as Annie, not Bad Squiddo (which I run!) so there's no company affiliation (or ulterior motives in me saying how ace it is!), I just really like the project and want to see it do well. It's an especially hard time for small wargames businesses (and everyone!) at the moment so the more we help each other out, the better. That's what it's all about right? Some of the bits! Also all these folks which people might have missed beforehand
  5. FINAL FEW HOURS. Fully funded with everything unlocked. Some wonderful 28mm minis and scenics. โค๏ธ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ’š ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’œ http://kck.st/3EZ4rDZ Thank you everybody!
  6. These arrived from John Morris today! SO BEAUTIFUL! (not my fancy kitchen, I'm dogsitting!)
  7. Let's show off more of the campaign for those who haven't clicked! http://kck.st/3EZ4rDZ AND NOW! WE HAVE UNLOCKED..... and unlocked this morning, so I haven't put the update and PAINTED PICS up yet....! Jeanne de Clisson, by Kev White Thanks Gadgetman! Kittieeees!
  8. LIVE NOW! ๐Ÿ˜˜ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badsquiddogames/definitely-not-damsels-28mm-women-warriors-for-ttrpg
  9. Thank you! I should start actually showing off more models hey, LAUNCH AT 6! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badsquiddogames/definitely-not-damsels-28mm-women-warriors-for-ttrpg
  10. Hi Steve, that is I! Thank you so much! I'm sure I can get you dipping in for one or two cheeky minis, this is less of a beast than the WW2 one ๐Ÿ˜€ for now anyway....
  11. yay thank you! There's also LOADS of scenics and critters! Excite!
  12. Hi chums! This is the latest Kickstarter project, expanding our fantasy range this time, and bringing light to the ones we have that might not have been noticed. Along with some super cool female minis, we have some brand new scenics too, and a whole bunch of add on bundles. I'll post more on the lead up, but for now if you're interested, could you click the "notify me" on the pre launch page and it will help the algorithms, and you know algorithms are the new gods! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badsquiddogames/definitely-not-damsels-28mm-women-warriors-for-ttrpg
  13. ENDS 8PM BST 14TH APRIL Hi Chums! Sorry I left it so late to post, I have been ill the whole Kickstarter! Just scrambling now in the last few hours - despite this though it's going brilliantly! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badsquiddogames/women-of-ww2-soviet-russia-28mm-miniatures We are close to the last stretch goal now - an adoring fan for our guitar player! Yes you heard that right! Unlocks have been: Winter Tank Riders Pack A Winter Tank Riders Pack B Winter Tank Command Winter Tank Hunters Dzhulbars the Mine Hunting German Shepherd with handler Kneeling Sniper Team in snow suits Lyudmila Pavlichenko Anti Tank Rifle Team Traffic Controllers Winter Advancing Command Dancers Guitarist The Eastern Front is obviously a very grim setting, and whilst fascinating to research, it can get very heavy! This range has a much less jolly feel than the last load of Home Front British miniatures, for obvious reasons (being more front line based) but I wanted to add some endearment in there to make people smile. And when I research these projects, the people definitely make their way into my heart through the memoirs and photographs. So I'd like them to be having a bit of fun. So far we have the accordion player and dancers, and these will fit brilliantly with them to make a nice camp fire diorama (check out our camp fires too!). Cheers all! Annie Bad Squiddo Games Bosslady
  14. 7 minutes left! Despatch riders pic :D Girl guides just got unlocked too! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badsquiddogames/women-of-ww2-british-home-front-28mm-miniatures
  15. Sorry for the late yell, been the busiest month of life...ever! TooFatLardies collaboration - last few hours of my KS for British Home Front. They're working on a FREE supplement with rules and scenarios for all the minis, not just for the women, rules that will fit with your male and existing figures too for Chain of Command. But of course there are many games and eras you can use em in. As well as women there's hero dogs, pigeons and other critters! Bad Squiddo is just me and I've been working my arrrrse off getting this off the ground, so even a cheeky peek and share would be amazing. And thank you everyone who has backed so far, we've made some really incredible things happen. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badsquiddogames/women-of-ww2-british-home-front-28mm-miniatures
  16. Thanks all! They're all out, keep an eye in your spam folder for the shipping notification. Anyone that has forgot the pledge manager or any other queries pop me an email (I might not see it here) To Murica it can take up to 3 weeks if customs are being funny, but other times like 5 days. [email protected]
  17. Paintybeard - Curse accepted! The money curse yes? Rats nearly unlocked! I need these for my Jo Brumby critter collection... he sculpted all my guinea pigs, bunnies, kitties.....capybara! So I like supporting people who've worked with me on the other projects they do. Also the Brumby Brothers are some of the nicest fellas around.
  18. Hello! No affiliation, just sharing this as it's a bit of a gem that more people should see! Fenris currently have this cracking Kickstarter on for a bunch of creepy mofos. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thecauldronwarband/fenris-games-the-cauldron-warband There's some really nice stuff, I've backed for a few models and a mug (I drink tea more than I hobby at the moment!) Good one man band to support! :-*
  19. We're in those final hours now, phew, what a ride. With the team all maxed out, I managed to recruit a new one - Paul Muller of GW painting and sculpting fame (now Midblight Miniatures as well as freelance sculptor) He hasn't painted in a long time, being primarily a sculptor now, but he was enthused to break the dry spell with my peegasi, and the spearguard! They look fantastic, let's have a look. PEEGASI WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! They're painted up in the style of the Bad Squiddo Peegs. They're far less noisy. Pack contains 3 x single piece high quality metal miniatures I then had a play about with them and the Dwarf Wizard I painted, to make a scene where she's reading them all a fairy tale. I can't decide whether this or the vignette is the cutest thing in the hobby. Just a reminder of the scale too, they're pretty big peegs, but it makes them even better. They fit with out existing guinea pig miniatures. Spearguard! Paul also painted this lady, she is cracking. She reminds me a bit of the Night King from GoT, the look of disdain, and like she's raising some fury, but also the Gladiator style "are you not entertained?" Or perhaps, sending some flying monkeys, I mean, flying peegs, to cause some trouble... FINAL FEW HOURS The campaign ends soon, eeeeeeeeeeeee! Everything is unlocked, including the last which is free peeg sprite for all pledges over ยฃ15 (regardless of pledge level). If you have a chance, have one less scroll through the main campaign to see if there's anything you've missed, I know many people miss the odd updates, so you may have missed some cool stretch goals. You might want to switch up pledge levels or add extra goodies. Just keep a mental (or jotted down) note of what you want and make sure your pledge is that total amount. Remember you don't need to add shipping yet. Thank you! Cheers Annie
  20. AIIIIIIIII! All the unlocks! Please spare a moment for Alan Marsh and Shane Hoyle, the Bad Squiddo sculptors who were told "Nahhhh we won't need any extra stretch goals" then got calls last weekend of "Hey.... how's it going.... how's those stretchy sculpting hands...." They've been working like beasts to make sure you get pictures before the end of the campaign. Lehana is out the box! All fear her mighty swing! She is added free with pledges #4 and #5, and can be added even more and to other pledges by upping your pledge by ยฃ4. Also excitingly... so is the Noogie Vignette! And....wow! Isn't it adorable?! I coloured the dwarf in green so that you can see her clearly in the limbs tangle! I guess this is how that scenario I put in the last update panned out? A SUCCESSFUL MEETING! It makes me so happy to be getting these miniatures into production, and it's because of you! YAY! This is what the tabletop world needs more of hey! I DID SOME PAINTING Wild hey? I finally got some hobby time in.... on my own miniatures! I painted the Wizard, I haven't decided on a name, any suggestion? She's to join my infamous Chaos Gnomes army. I'm biased, but she was a joy to paint! JOHN DID PAINTING TOO! Also spare a thought for John, painting as fast as his weary hands and eyes will allow! He's doing a cracking job as always. He's currently working on the wizard too, I have a sneaky suspicion it will be ever so slightly better than mine. but that's the joy of these minis, you don't need to be a pro to make them look sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! PEEEEEG SPRITE! So the teeny weeny peeg sprite with lil fairy amazon rider was unlocked as a freebie to pledges #4 and #5. It's exclusive to the KS on it's own (only available afterwards with Thea, Amazon Champion). But if we hit ยฃ16,000, everyone who pledges at least ยฃ15 on the Kickstarter will get one for free. Regardless of pledge level. (This increases the scope of the unlock, pledges #5 and #6 don't get additional!) In honour of this, our artist Martin Whitmore is doing more artwork... of the peeg sprite! This won't be til after the Kickstarter, but will be another cool thing. I may end up putting some more merch stuff in the pledge manager that won't be part of the campaign as such (you've bled me dry with these stretch goals!) but available as add ons. Sugggestions on a post card.. or the comments. I'm thinking MUGS. That's all the artwork from the campaign. Including the peegasus. I also have longer term plans for hte Bad Squiddo art...stay tooned. What to expect tomorrow: Finished painted pictures of the Peegasi! Finished painted picture of the Amazon Spearguard. Me losing my mind spamming the entire internet to remind them it's the last day. Everything unlocked? Big roundups and reminders Something out of the blue An excited video?* An excited video with peegs in it?* *these might be Monday! LAST 24 HOURS Please do scream and shout about this across the internet! As a small company that has it's head screwed on, there is no such thing as overfunded! Any excess will speedup our next projects. I f you see me spamming about, do give it a bump. The internet is a vast void where you have to keep going "arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" to be seen. THIS CAMPAIGN IS GOING AMAZING. Thank you! Oh also, I had a sneak peak on Paul Muller's paint bench.... WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Catch ya later, peegilators! Annie
  21. Yay! After we announced Kythera yesterday, a whole bunch of pledges came in, and she was unlocked by this morning. FIERCE! So she is available added on free to pledges All-in and Two in the Hand, but may be added to other pledge levels for just ยฃ4 per Kythera (yeah I know, some of you are totally adding multiple!) Next stretch goal up is ยฃ14,00 for Lehana. She has a flail, she's brutal. We should have a full picture by tomorrow.... and unlock her tomorrow... right...right? Hehe. After that we have the vignette which we SHOULD have a photo of tomorrow also. I think you're gonna get hyped to heck when you see these! YUSSSSSSSS! Photoshoot! I had a bit of a play about in the garden today. A chunk of the painted minis are still with the painter, so I used what I got! It was nice to see them in a setting, and alongside each other. First up is Agna. I felt she needed a new picture as the current one doesn't do her as much justice. She is an existing Bad Squiddo miniature that can be added to any pledge for ยฃ4. She was our first ever dwarf, sculpted by the same sculptor - Shane Hoyle - and fits in perfect with the rest. Their Dark Norse Berserker cousin. She would make such a good strike team with Kythera, her left hand (that you can't see) has some swish claws on too. Shown with flowers....because. Not enough flowers in this KS. This is two of the existing Amazons (Available as add ons - Rania ยฃ4 and one of the Amazon Fighters ยฃ10) having a chat with our Dwarf Captain. She's not looking impressed, she wants to talk to the main person in charge, not these lieutenants. They've been keeping stern but resigned to the fact that peace will not be made soon. And finally...for now.. (I had a whole photoshoot!) Our monk throwing her staff for the pupper! This is a different angle of her showing off some of the intricate sculpting of her hairdo. There are so many details in the miniatures it's hard to show it all off sometimes. Who's a good boy.... who's a good boy.....! rufffffffff! I hope you enjoyed this latest batch of silliness. I'll put up some more of my flowery photoshoot tomorrow! It was fun! More pro paint jobs I JUST received pictures from painter John Morris of the latest paintings. The first of the new Amazons. NICE HEY! We went for red because of our emails back and forth last week that pretty much said "SPARTAAAAAAAAA!". The lady on the far right isn't at the best angle, but that's what I've got so far, I can assure you she is not blue! I kept the faded pic of the sculpt so you can see her expression. Ferocious. The lady on the far left should be finished up tomorrow and in the next update for you. That's all for now! We were going to do a live paintalong of the Peegasus tonight but due to being a bit behind with other Bad Squiddo chores (so much for one person!), I'm not going to. There may be one Saturday, but I will make sure I get that wizard finished, and some peegasus painted and photographed for you. Thank you everyone who has been sharing posts around the internet. Keep an eye on the Facebook and if you can share posts to relevant groups it will really help smash those last stretch goals. Right, back to my chores...... (starting with the Newsletter - might see you there!) Anniiiiiie! Gregor has hay cookies if you has coin.
  22. YAAAY! Thank you! Kythera is almost unlocked too, can't wait!
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