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  1. Latest Update!


    Good Afternoon! Firstly, thank you to everybody who has pledged so far. Kickstarter is getting more and more difficult for smaller creators, with substantial investment having to be made upfront, and without a team. I've been doing all these updates, graphics, photos, managing painters, sculptors, casters and calculators throughout while running the day to day Bad Squiddo Games outfit. Without including this past cursed week of missing work due to boiler repairs, fence repairs and multiple vets appointments - suffice to say I'm extra tired and emotional from all the late nights so I love you even more than usual.


    Extra thanks for having faith in us where some parts the sculpts aren't 100% finished or photographed as clear as they could be - it means you know the complete ones are cool and that these will be too! Minis are being sculpted mid campaign because the KS has made it possible to do so, so not everything will be 100% polished - which is what KS is for

    Onto the lovely pictures!

    John Morris has been painting furiously on the first lot of models, the ones we have master cast. I have a feeling the crossbow lady is the only multi part mini in this KS - though I am very tired so I may be wrong! She just has the end of the crossbow to glue on, so it's nothing too wild.



    Aimee at Warpfiend has joined in the painting gang on this (also part of the regular Squiddo Painters) and squeezed in Turkey Man and the ghouls on her busy schedule.  Turkey Man and The Ghouls, what a band.


    He's so beautiful is he not. I've probably done him a disservice with the name "Turkey Man", he does have a lot of uses as a mutant horror, creature of chaos, hell beast, man harpy and more.




    Here are the ghouls, sculpted by Jo Brumby. Yes this means the ghouls and turkey dude have been master moulded, hooray! They're happening! You can't see from this angle but the middle ghoul is holding a head.



    More Ghouls

    More ghouls you say? It's no secret, I am a ghoul fiend. A collector. An obsessive! I must have every ghoul! I believe I have one of, if not, the biggest personal collection of ghouls. Not so much size, but variety, as I keep just one of each type. We all have hobbies right!

    So since running a miniatures company and being able to make anything... it's shocking the range isn't 90% ghouls really.


    Probably the most famous ghoul king is Paul Muller, he's responsible for a lot of the ghouls out there, including our ghoul mothers pack. He's recently emerged from a slumber to make us some more.... However he still needs to stretch and awaken from this slumber so they probably won't be ready in time for the Kickstarter. I don't like taking money for uncertainties so what will mostly happen is that they will be available in the pledge manager after (I did similar in the Amazons & Dorfs KS), I'll keep you updated, but that is exciting!

    The master wants you. Throw away your cross, face the master.


    I had a bit more fun taking photos...can you tell? The vampire hunter is one of my all time favourite models and available in the add ons with the other Male Vampire Hunters. Sculpted by Gary Morley!




    Metal Peegs

    The next stretch goal is Zombie Annie, which we are very near! I'm going to paint her and the peegs, possibly on stream on Saturday but possibly off stream,, with photo updates (depending how I'm feeling!) It's too late to get a professional painter before the KS ends for these, so you'll have to make do with me. I'm alright though! Also the pictures of the sculpts aren't that clear so I'll make sure I have inked metal pics as well as my paint jobs. Metal is so hard to photograph and look good! They look good though!




    This is possibly the hardest part of the campaign to push through, but word has it that lots of people get paid tomorrow so I'm hoping for a big surge then. I've been saving my mailing list update for then too so I don't annoy people too much in their inboxes - so just one shout out... on pay day. Yes I am evil.

  2. The Vampeegs have gone to the casters, but not before we got this photo of them following around Zombie Annie. This helps you see the scale of them, as well as a better picture.

    As with all Bad Squiddo Kickstarters, everyone involved has Alive Annie being extra demanding on them. So the painters and sculptors are toiling away, and I've insisted to the casters that I get copies of these ones to paint myself before the KS ends. Also that means toil on me as oh cripes I actually have to paint something! I can't wait though!



    The Bat Vamp is unlocked, unleashed, woohoo! There will be more pictures of her soon looking more complete. I have let Shane rest for a few hours though, he's earnt it.

    The necromancer & assistant are also unlocked - and also needing names!

    Also, welcome little assistant. He's still in progress but he's being refined here, you can see the lovely face. Struggling with all those books! He's forbidden from reading aloud any of the incantations though...



    Zombie Annie
    Oh no, here she comes! The next unlock is our very own Annie (meeeeeeeeeeeeeee) in zombie form. To add to your collection of Annies. or zombies. I finally got to immortalise my Little Egg (the guinea pig that truley melted my cold vampire heart) so we can prowl the earth together in undeath. She's a bit different to the others as she is in modern clothing (for games such as The Walking Dead or Last Days) though easily converted to a number of eras through the paintjob.

    I was going to add a description about her plugging this KS even after death but decided it was too meta!


    also has anyone seen Luda the ogre?


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  3. Wheeep! The vampeegs will have their feed! They're arriving with the casters tomorrow so there *should* be lil metal ones by the end of the campaign to show off (and better pictures!). If there is enough time, I'll paint some myself, as I can never resist some peegs.

    More good news! The Vampire Hunters Anya and Nina are also unlocked. I absolutely love these, they'll be extra useful in games like The Silver Bayonet. What other games do you have in mind?



    To add the Vampeegs and/or Vampire Hunters just adjust your pledge accordingly.

    Next Stretch Goal:
    Bat Vampire!

    Another brilliant sculpt from Shane Hoyle and with a real classic horror theme. She still needs some tidying and the wings finished in this picture but you get a good idea. Shane is frantically sculpting away, so send him thoughts and prayers!




    Sculptors often work across a few models at once, so another thing he is working on is an assistant for this necromancer (and finishing her!). The helper is going to be a mummy holding a spell book open for her, and I'll show you soon!




    The next bunch of stretch goals after this are Zombie Annie, Freshly Bitten Vampires and.....some NAPOLEONIC CONSTRUCTS. You heard that correctly!

    More lovely photos


    I've been taking more lovely photos, especially based in this modular dungeon by Tabletop Workshop. No affiliation, they're just nice people and the dungeon is cool! All the scatter and minis are Bad Squiddo, and available in this campaign. Yeah the lil frogge is getting around!



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    I promised you guinea pigs, and guinea pigs there will be. If you're new to Bad Squiddo through this KS...I really like guinea pigs. They are the best and I fit them in the ranges where I can. These are my four peegs! (Oh yeah we call em peegs around here).

    In our current range of models we don't really have any of the fuzzies like Carole, so I have fixed this! Behold the next unlock after the Elite Mummies.....



    Size wise they are similar to the Peegasi (you can add these to your pledge if you want some angelic counterparts for these to fight, also £8 for a pack of three)

    Talking of the Elite Mummies...

    They are NEARLY unlocked, come on! So close! Also we have an updated  pic of the mummy on the far left which Shane is furiously sculpting. They're fantastic.


    Dragon Fossil

    All the vampire activity has stirred something in the deep. What are they planning with this? Do they know what they could unleash?

    It's a huge resin set (9 pieces) and I've been taking some pictures to show the scale of it, so one of the vampire Queens down there shows it up! You can add this to your pledge for £30.


    Cool Photos

    While I don't have many photos of the new minis in situ as they're with the painter, some are arriving tomorrow! So expect lots next week! As a starter though, I do have the two painted minis from Ralph and lots of the existing range which is in the add ons. Also I decided that every photo is made better by angry ogre in the background.


    See what I mean!




    Don't forget us over the weekend! It's been really hard to have the posts seen on social media as EVERYTHING is happening this weekend, so it quickly gets drowned out by other news. So sharing and boosting really really helps!


    Thank you so much for your support. I am so happy with this range, my inner child is elated! I get to bring spooky peegs (if they're unlocked) and cool spooky ladies to the world, YAY!


    [The first wargaming mini I ever got brand new, as opposed to from the second hand market, was The Black Coach, and the undead have been my happy place ever since!]



    I'm thinking of doing a live stream talking through the minis and a Q&A - I'm not sure when yet, potentially Sunday Morning to correlate with the regular Sunday Morning Coffee stream - 10am, on our Youtube

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  5. Sweet, thank you!


    Hecks yeah! Thank you! Lovely to wake up to her all funded, and dang I needed that sleep last night.

    I've added captions to the images of the minis now, saying how big the monsters are, and how many pieces, metal or resin etc - which I just ran out of time for yesterday, it was very much typing and photoshopping frantically right up to launch. I'll be doing more tinkering and tidying today on there as well double checking for typos and clarity and all that.

    So what new goodies are there......



    1 x Pewter Miniature, one piece. Sculpted by Phil Hynes. 43mm from base to top of head.



    Not all constructs work out. Some end up twisted, distorted and longing for the sweet release of death. Not Turkey Man of course, he has a wicked time.

    He's currently being cast, and with a painter lined up, we should see him in grisly flesh colours next week. Why Turkey Man? He makes a great construct or encounter and you've definitely never seen one before. Now when I work late, I imagine Turkey Man prowling the corridors. Thanksgiving is forever ruined.

    How big is he?


    At 43mm to the top of the head he towers over standard 28mm miniatures but not to a mega gigantic level. He can still fit into cupboards, ready to leap out at you.



    How do I add Turkey Man to my pledge?


    You just increase your pledge by £8, you do this in the "manage my pledge" section. You can do this as many times and at any point before the end of the project to add whatever you like. If you are in at the Pick n Mix Level, this is especially important for helping unlock more minis. Basically you just add up the total of what you want, then it's afterwards you let me know, and you'll be guided through that at the time.


    What's the next stretch goal?


    3 x Pewter Miniatures, all single piece. Sculpted by Shane Hoyle.



    Currently the centre mummy is cast and in a painting queue, we've had her a while [unreleased] but I like to release some minis with friends, so Shane is currently finishing off her friends to make a pack of three.


    Here is an artist's impression of how the far left one will look....




    It's very sophisticated behind the scenes here!


    Painted Goodies

    I had an ogre in my pocket at Vapnartak trade show last month to slip out and show people who had been good, one of which was Ralph Plowman, who has previously painted for us. He was very enamored by her and convinced me to let him take her, as well as one of the standard minis.


    They arrived yesterday and I took this quick picture to show the scale of the big girl Luda, as well as the lovely paint jobs. The others we have so far are with the painter (John Morris) but I can play with these and the existing horror minis to make some nice scenes for future updates.




    Scenics and Animals

    Did you know we make a whole heap of scary scenics and ...alarming animals?

    I'll be making some bundles for these as well today and adding them to the add on section. We even have a lab to build Turkey Man in.


    Thank you!

    Keep spreading the word, Bad Squiddo Games is just one person (meeeeeeeeeee) so there's only so much promo I can do by myself - hence using KS to help get the word out there - Hello people of the internet - we have great minis!


    Boss Lady

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  6. Eeek, this launches TOMORROW! Please do join the "Notify me" gang to super duper help out. This project is going to be [mostly] Women of Horror. We have Vampires, Vampire Hunters, Werewolves, Mummies, Ghouls, Zombies, Scientists, Constructs and more! All hand sculpted by Shane Hoyle, Jo Brumby and Alan Marsh.



    There will also be splendid bundles with our existing horror minis and scenics as well.

    Here are some sneaky peeks.....



    Ralph Plowman has sent me this lovely pic of his painting on our sorceress, with a stunning Jon Hodgson backdropimage.png.3aa9647ce8c1eefced132c8eaed7a805.png

    I'll be adding more pics before launch as well, I'm just running around at the moment doing all the last minute tasks 😄

    - Annie

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  7. Thanks Reaper for sorting out access to my account! Haha, wooo!


    The fairies, mummies, Frankenstein are out now, also Phil is one of our sculptors so there's lots more you might not have seen. You can search for sculptor name on the website so you can see all the Phil goodies we have now.


    https://badsquiddogames.com/shop#!/~/search/keyword=phil hynes


    Also in the Fenris Games Kickstarter now is the undead minotaur and weresheep


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  8. Wahey, thanks, that was my line! Haha! They were all un named when I got to it (I've worked on all the graphics and kickstarter page) so I made it up myself and Fenris liked it so they've stayed 😄


    Inarah - Dark Fable went to Dragonbait after Mike passed away, and Fenris are the UK rep for them, so they handle the Dark Fable in the UK for Joe at Dragonbait.

    New stretch goals!




    Premature for the flame pots but I'm heading home for the bank holiday weekend soon so I whacked it in 😄

    I'm meeting Ian from Fenris at the weekend to take some pictures of the buildings he has been painting up by itself and with a range of different minis, including some of my Bad Squiddo WW2 to show it doesn't have to just be fantasy

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  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fenrisgames/rubble-city-2

    Hello! I'm helping Ian at Fenris out with this campaign on the tech and people side so he has more time to do what he does best - sculpting and casting! I'm helping as Annie, not Bad Squiddo (which I run!) so there's no company affiliation (or ulterior motives in me saying how ace it is!), I just really like the project and want to see it do well. It's an especially hard time for small wargames businesses (and everyone!) at the moment so the more we help each other out, the better. That's what it's all about right?


    Some of the bits!







    Also all these folks which people might have missed beforehand






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  10. Hi chums!


    This is the latest Kickstarter project, expanding our fantasy range this time, and bringing light to the ones we have that might not have been noticed. Along with some super cool female minis, we have some brand new scenics too, and a whole bunch of add on bundles.

    I'll post more on the lead up, but for now if you're interested, could you click the "notify me" on the pre launch page and it will help the algorithms, and you know algorithms are the new gods!



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    Hi Chums! Sorry I left it so late to post, I have been ill the whole Kickstarter! Just scrambling now in the last few hours - despite this though it's going brilliantly!


    We are close to the last stretch goal now - an adoring fan for our guitar player! Yes you heard that right!







    Unlocks have been:
    Winter Tank Riders Pack A
    Winter Tank Riders Pack B
    Winter Tank Command
    Winter Tank Hunters
    Dzhulbars the Mine Hunting German Shepherd with handler
    Kneeling Sniper Team in snow suits
    Lyudmila Pavlichenko
    Anti Tank Rifle Team
    Traffic Controllers
    Winter Advancing Command




    The Eastern Front is obviously a very grim setting, and whilst fascinating to research, it can get very heavy! This range has a much less jolly feel than the last load of Home Front British miniatures, for obvious reasons (being more front line based) but I wanted to add some endearment in there to make people smile. And when I research these projects, the people definitely make their way into my heart through the memoirs and photographs. So I'd like them to be having a bit of fun.

    So far we have the accordion player and dancers, and these will fit brilliantly with them to make a nice camp fire diorama (check out our camp fires too!).



    Cheers all!
    Bad Squiddo Games Bosslady



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  12. Sorry for the late yell, been the busiest month of life...ever!


    TooFatLardies collaboration - last few hours of my KS for British Home Front. They're working on a FREE supplement with rules and scenarios for all the minis, not just for the women, rules that will fit with your male and existing figures too for Chain of Command. But of course there are many games and eras you can use em in.


    As well as women there's hero dogs, pigeons and other critters!


    Bad Squiddo is just me and I've been working my arrrrse off getting this off the ground, so even a cheeky peek and share would be amazing. And thank you everyone who has backed so far, we've made some really incredible things happen.



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