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  1. Painted the throne of my Dark elf Queen.... Made it so that throne and Queen can be seperated.... Will probably paint a (standing) mini similar to the queen to have a "sitting and standing" version. Warning, not everything is what it seems... "Care! don't activate any traps..." *a feint mechanical ticking&clicking sound on the background* "Wait, did that leg just move?"
  2. I love how your base looks for the Roc. Had mine painted somewhat similar but with "red rock"... and then I Goofed it up with an accidental airbrush blast with paint cleaner. So I just slathered some other paint on it just to have it ready for the D&D session past saturday... and now its waiting to be finished....
  3. Gloss varnish is prep for the black wash indeed :) should make the wash job easier... Still some work needed to be done on the base.... so this one is still kind of a work in progress :) Thinking of having mixed Gloss&Matte finish for the wings, for a "glowy" effect so to say...
  4. If you paint one mini, it is best to paint another one at the same time since you can apply techniques you've just picked up and stuff like that.... Also it gives you some other details to stare at when painting... I've painted my Blacksting Wyvern at the same time as my Roc.
  5. Painted my Roc for the campaign I'm in. There we have befriended a Phoenix and it is going to help us fight the BBEG. Putting images in spoiler tag, since picture heavy.... Base still needs some more work. Edit: painted this one at the same time as Blacksting
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