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  1. That's fair. Thanks for sharing, I'll just patiently wait here a little longer
  2. Can I ask how did you get them? Really want to get me some, and am a bit bewildered by the lack of communications on these.
  3. Finish a model, and be brave enough to post it. Get cracking on that pirate collection I've got brewing. Start some player characters for the dnd campaign. Finish the vampire Lords I started last month.
  4. Looking forward to following along here as I'm starting my own.
  5. So what are the odds the Pizza Dungeon Dice are involved in this KS somehow?
  6. That's....a really good month. Mossbeard must be December then!
  7. So Daimyo didn't do as much for me as I hoped. Super duper stoked for this Greek pack though! Let's go!
  8. Three hours in, 800k worth of stretch goals, how are we liking it so far? Im loving it, and thinking we have a Greek and underwater expansion yet to come...my wallet weeps.
  9. It's in the email you get from Kickstarter that confirms your pledge :)
  10. Thanks for the wild ride before the wild ride! See you guys in the next thread! Love this community to bits.
  11. Dawn of the final day people! Let the hype flow!
  12. Waiting for tomorrow to place my order, new Promo mini and all. :)
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