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  1. ElDavePhoto

    Wraiths from Bones 4

    I posted this to the Facebook group and totally forgot to post them here: Basecoat with P3 Thrall Flesh, wash the entire model with fluorescent green ink, then spray P3 Sickly Skin from the top down. When you shine a UV light on it, the green glows!
  2. ElDavePhoto

    Black Legionnaires of Malvernis

    That's just made my day. Thank you!
  3. ElDavePhoto

    Black Legionnaires of Malvernis

    As requested, here they are in the lightbox.
  4. ElDavePhoto

    Reaper 4 wraiths

    Ooooh, I really like those brown robes. Very different from the usual!
  5. ElDavePhoto

    BONES IV: "Dance of Death"

    Beautiful! Great work on the diorama base.
  6. ElDavePhoto

    77344 - Ice Troll - Different paint scheme.

    I love it! Those colors make it look so aggressive!
  7. ElDavePhoto

    I have hobbied! Bones IV Wraiths

    Very cool! I love the different shades.
  8. ElDavePhoto

    77190 : Nethyrmaul the Undying

    Oh wow, that's so good.
  9. ElDavePhoto

    Black Legionnaires of Malvernis

    Thank you for all the kind words! I'll get them in the lightbox asap.
  10. ElDavePhoto

    Black Legionnaires of Malvernis

    I've loved the Malvernis stuff for, holy moley, nearly 20 years and have been waiting for an excuse to play games with them. Painted these models up as a Soothsayer Warband for Frostgrave. I hope you like them! Kevis, Overlords Mage: 14124 Inquisitor of Malvernis: 02720 Black Legionnaire w/ Crossbow: 03116 Black Legionnaire: 02489 Black Legionnaire: 02465