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  1. Hello Reaper, first off love what you're doing on the KS and as a company in general. Do you think it would be possible to start developing bundles from sets you already produce? I'm talking about 10 minis to a set for let's say orcs or barbarians. I'm thinking since you already have sets of these types of things how hard would it be to just put together a set of 10 different minis for however many bundles you can put together. Makes it nice for war gamers as well as role players.
  2. I've never been to Reapercon before and I'm hoping to go next year so I have some questions. As to getting to the con, I'm not from Texas so which airport would I fly into? Would the hotel shuttle pick us up at the airport if we alerted them to when our flight was to land? When is the best time to arrive at the con as far as the first days activities? Is there much trading of minis being as I'm not a fan of mental minis? What happens if I don't want the Reaper Sophie mini?
  3. Had an idea for a range of minis that are fantasy minis, like elves, orcs and such with modern dress and weapons. Elf with a trench coat and pistol. Orc with wife beater, jeans and a machine gun and so on.
  4. Will there be games set up for new players who don't know the rules but want to play?
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