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  1. Thank you all for the kind words!
  2. Here is my take on the Dance of Death sculpt from the Bones 4 Kickstarter. I really enjoyed this one, finishing it up this last winter. I saw someone mention somewhere online that they were bummed that the heads didn't exactly line up, but I found it reminiscent of dogs when they are snarling while looking sidelong at each other. Apologies for the scratches and discolorations on the background. I've been meaning to pick up some black cloth to improve that. Thanks for taking a look!
  3. Thank you all for the kind comments! If I take a few more pictures I'll be sure to add them here.
  4. I recently finished up my BlackSting Wyvern from the Bones 4 Kickstarter. I'm really pleased with how it came out. I've been working on it off and on since March. Thanks for taking a look. : )
  5. I painted up some of Games Workshops' Namarti Reavers in a more wood-elf looking scheme. I plan to have them running alongside some deer as part of my 'animal friends' project. Just starting work on the deer, and very happy with the archers!
  6. I think that makes complete sense to me, and I'm happy to abide by the rule! Just taking a look around the forums a bit, this seems to be a really special place and having a forum open enough to allow nudity while still creating boundaries to keep the place safe for youth is a pretty meaningful goal in my eyes. : ) Thanks for the compliment and welcome! I'll keep in mind your offer about asking any questions. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that got me laughing pretty good! Thanks!
  7. Hey thanks for the clarification! That's what I just read myself and I think I made the proper adjustments. (mightve gone overboard with the warning, but I wrote it before seeing your more low-key example, hahaha!) I had already made up an imgur link for it as I posted somewhere else as well, so this was an easy change. I appreciate the compliment on my work as well. : )
  8. Oh, thank you very much for the heads up! I didn't think to check the rules first about nsfw content as I assumed it being a Reaper model things would be okay. Thank you for calling my attention to this. I'm certainly interested in honoring the guidelines of the community. EDIT: After giving the guidelines post a quick read through, it looks like even censoring the pictures myself is NOT okay as per the mod's post. The recommendation is to provide warning and then link to an external site. I hope I've followed the rules correctly now.
  9. Thank you Chris! Roger that on the stock code. Appreciate the info.
  10. First post here. : ) THE FOLLOWING DISCUSSION AND LINK TO IMAGES IS CONCERNING A NUDE AMAZON FEMALE STATUE SCULPT. If this is something you would like to avoid, please do not continue. If you don't mind, carry on! https://imgur.com/a/CTFu53W From Bones 4 I purchased Dance of Death, Blacksting Wyvern and one set of the Amazon Living Statues. Here is my first Living Statue, I aimed for a tan marbled stone look. The miniature has a gloss varnish that really adds to the polished marble feel to it. Pretty happy with the result! The non-damaged statue (2nd of the pair) I'm hoping to try out a dark green marbled stone effect, with lighter green up to white veins. I think on the back side of the miniature's body I didn't quite keep the angled veins in mind. I turned myself around a bit in my head trying to imagine how veins would look in a 3 dimensional block of stone, haha. I aimed for the full statue to look as if it was carved from the same piece (which would make the sculptor a very impressive person!). Lots of fun with this model and I like the sculpt a lot. I think the breasts feel a little over-sexualized to my preferences, though I find the buttocks to be more in line with my personal experiences of life. Shrug. : ) BTW do the Living Statues have a Reaper Code yet? I'd like to add this to the aggregate thread but I can't find what the reaper code might be (I assume with them being new additions they might not have them yet?)
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