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  1. I know they're still in the aftermath of KS fulfillment, but it's now been three weeks and I haven't heard back from reaper support. Is that normal, or should I chase up?
  2. I took a couple videos to try and better show the issues I'm talking about on mine. It's a lot easier to see on video, where you can see the perspective change and get a better idea of the depth (or lack of) of the details. Excuse the focus coming and going, videoing isn't my thing. Also, ignore the sound, my son was watching sesame street. https://youtu.be/BfepZZz3ZI0 This one is of the body, and you can really see the flattened look of some of his scales, especially on the flanks. The pattern of cracks in that area is a bit hard to pick up, since they're each relatively minor, but there's a lot of them, and they go back and forth over the area. Tried to move it around to get the light to catch them, but mixed success. https://youtu.be/c_cfQpkfbr4 This is of the head. I'm not sure, but I think there should be more depth to the valleys between the scales of his eyebrows, also there's a very flat section on the back left of his neck. https://youtu.be/2OWyn59cQkI This is the base, there's the one major crack behind where his front right foot goes. Overall, I don't think there's too much wrong with it, but included it for completion's sake. Though its possible the entire thing might be smoothed out a bit and I just don't have anything to judge it by, not sure. https://youtu.be/Ch7_OHK6HtU This is the tail, has a lot of smoothed out areas, especially close to where the tail would meet the body, and lots of the little wave lines along most of the tail plates. Again, hard to pick up, but there's a few points where the lighting and focus match up and you can get a good look at them. At the end I'm trying to show a flat patch a few centimetres from the end of the tail. https://youtu.be/E0fLodWcd64 The wings, mostly also included for completion's sake. The vents on both of them are pretty bad, but as I said in a previous post, that doesn't really bother me, it is just part of how they're made. I did try to get the light to pick up the 'splash' type pattern around them, but it's really minor compared to other bits of the model. Though yeah, the vent on his right wing really could've been put in a better position. At the end of the video, it looks straight down the... finger? and you can see how much of difference there is between the vent and the surrounding bone.
  3. Haldir, no, the ones in the centre of the underside of both wings are definitely vents, not pin marks. I included a picture of one of the pin marks from the outside of one of the wings for comparison. The big ugly ones on the undersides are definitely the vents. The real objection to their position is that one of them is directly on a bone protrusion, so you'd have to resculpt the bone to match, rather than simply smoothing it to match the membrane of the wing. It's nice to say 'yeah, that's easy to just sculpt up to hide,' but not everyone is good at sculpting. A bit of clean up, matching some gaps, sure. Sculpting a bone joint to match the rest of the mini? No way. If it had been a couple centimetres in any direction, it would've been in open wing, and much easier to deal with. Bane, probably because the piece is so big, they went for a central position so they could fill it as quickly as possible, and to have the least amount of obstructions between the vent and any given point.
  4. This is the really badly positioned vent. It's basically made a big hole where there should be a noticeable bulge for one of the knuckle joints. This is the same vent, but a slightly different angle. The position in the light in this one means you can see the splash shaped crack a lot better, even if the vent itself is harder to make out. This is the vent on the other wing, a much better position for it. If the other one was in a similar position to this one, it'd be a lot easier to patch up. This is the back of that same wing, and you can see one of the marks for an ejector pin. Much different to the vents on the underside of the wings. I didn't include pictures of the wings in my OP because while these ports are (very) bad, they are just part of the manufacturing process, not a defect. There's only a few crevices on the wings, and they're shallow and very thin. On the tali, the crevices are almost as deep as the actual sculpt's detailing.
  5. TGP: Thanks for the comprehensive shot break down. From your pics, yeah, I'm convinced I've gotten a dud. One or two of these lines, I'd be cool with just patching them up, but having literally dozens of them on the model, as well as reduced levels of detail at various points on the model is just too much, especially for how much this guy cost. The wings on mine also have the huge ports, as well as more of the 'wave' lines in a weird splotch pattern around each, a few centimetres from the port itself. One wing has it directly over the wing bone, and so would require cutting out all the port, then sculpting in the bone to match. If you look at it down the length of the bone, you can see the bone, the hole, then the bone on the other side of it. The flashing from the port doesnt even come up to the top of the bone that's in the middle of. Doug, no, it's definitely a vent. There's a detacher pin circle on the outside of the wing as well. I'm typing this on the computer, I'll go take a picture with my phone in a minute. The big ones on the inside of the wings are definitely the vents. I know everyone says 'just sculpt it up,' but I'm a crappy sculptor, I don't want to have to be doing that for something that should be one of my best display pieces. I'll definitely be sending an email to reaper's support.
  6. The amount of them there are on this, especially the tail, itd be a lot more work filling them in than it wouldve been just cleaning up heavier mould lines. If this is a normal aspect of their black line, its going to be a hard pass from me in future. Best guess, this would take me two or three times as long to get ready for painting as my maaldrakar took me, and that's ignoring the smoothed out details. If I sculpted over all of that, itd be a huge amount of work, completely defeating the point of the product line.
  7. Also something I noticed, though i think this might be from the original sculpts, not a casting issue, the neckplates on the head piece have texture lines sculpted into them, but the matching plates on the body piece don't. Makes it very noticable that they're different pieces, and draws the eye to the seam line.
  8. Im in Australia, so just got my bones 4 pledge yesterday. Didnt go for a whole lot this time round, due to money and having too many unpainted minis as is. Only got the high rollers, rocky, and the Argent Dragon, to match my tia-not. Most of my rockies and high rollers are still in their individual baggies, but dont look too bad, other than much more prominent ports that need to be cleaned up. My Argent Dragon however, I'm on the verge of refusing it as a misscast, but before I do I want to double check if this is normal and I'm over reacting, or if i really did get a dud. Overall, it looks like the material wasnt hot enough when it was poured into the cast, there's visible 'wave' lines on all the pieces. Like it was cooling as it filled in the mould, and rather than filling the mould completely, the two waves met and left a seam. Most of them deep enough I can catch fingernails on them. Its on all the pieces, but the tail is especially bad, showing it on most of the tail plates on both the top and bottom of it. His back leg is also covered withtl the lines. To be clear, Im not talking about the mould lines. Theyre noticably less than my previous bones minis, but they still stick *out*, while what im talking about are effectively cracks into the model. The other issue is a bit harder to pick up, but is actually more of the reason I'm considering refusing it. I think there's been significant detail loss, but I'm not entirely sure, because i dont know what a proper cast one should look like. There's a few places on the edges of the body and head pieces that look, to me, like the details aren't as fine as the rest of the cast. The depth of the scales, the definition between where one sort of scales transitions to another, like around the feet and ankles, that sort of thing. Its hard to get a good picture of, since it really needs the change of perspective to pick them out properly, though i could take a video of it. Overall, my impression is that this is no where near as good a model as my Maaldrakar, even though this dark grey bones is supposed to be better. Anyway, TL;DR: Am I overreacting, and these are normal issues I should just accept, or did I get a dud? Pics attached.
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