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  1. Nice. I remember Herr Froggy's work. He always had the best conversions. We proxy pretty heavily as well. Just about every officer in my Elves is a proxy. My wife uses the Pathfinder Nature Warden as Larnach. Honestly I think it's a point in Warlord's favor: there are so many opportunities to add your own flavor to your army.
  2. Just finished painting up my Bones skeletal spearmen. I wish I'd had these when I was first building a Necropolis army for Warlord. Pewter skellies are nice, but awfully fragile. These solve that problem nicely. These are great: durable, no issues taking paint, great value for the money. I'm already eyeing the Templar knight for my upcoming Crusaders and will definitely be keeping an eye out for more Warlord minis in this line.
  3. Oh, you'll get your pics... ..whether you like it or not.
  4. Yeah, I need to get my hands on those Daughters of Sekhmet. Even if I don't use them much those minis look good. I feel better about my next list, we'll see how it goes. After that it'll probably be Elves. The list I have in mind for Necropolis is going to require a lot more troops than I have on hand, mostly in the form of ghouls, ghasts, and zombies.
  5. Forgive the late post, I'm still catching up on everything that's happened while I've been gone. Congrats, cbp! I'm very happy for you!
  6. Heh, unfortunately most of my Warlord minis were painted while I was still in college. That was *coughcoughhackhack* years ago now...and it shows in the paintjob. But, I'm starting up Crusaders now, and have plenty of unpainted pewter for them (Broderick, Finari [love that model], proxies for Gerard, Valandil) so there'll be plenty of new stuff in the coming weeks. We'll bring some activity to this forum, just you wait. Ah, come on! It's only been... ...um...3 or 4 years since I was here last. Uh...dang...that's a while...actually. Though apparently I made it back long enough to change my avatar at some point, which is...odd. Glad to be back, Shak, it's great to see everyone again! Nope, and that was my first mistake. This was our first game under the new rules so I was still making lists like it was Warlord 1-1.2, and needless to say Nefsokar have changed quite a bit since then. Anubis Guard are decent front-line troops now rather than support, for starters, and I only used 3 of them. Meanwhile, Elves are still exceptional archers. I had to learn a new playstyle, she didn't. Guess how that ended? Now that I've gotten the hang of the new game better I'll give it another go with a better-built army: better troop choices, more magic, something that plays a little more to the Nefsokar's new strengths. We'll see what happens. At least she doesn't have a dragon yet... Need to replace my poor Chosen of Sokar, though, Poor guy was irrepairably broken in trying to remove the stand so I could strip the paint. And need to get my hands on the Chosen of Sekhmet and the Daughters of Sekhmet... ...and get the Efreeti... ...*sigh* We'll hit a $200 pewter bill this month yet!
  7. Yeah, if you call "can no longer decimate the entire table with 8 archers" nerfed... My wife can attest to the Elves not lacking in stopping power in the new edition. Archers are less powerful, but warriors are more powerful than they were. Elves have moved from a "shoot, shoot some more, now loot the corpse" army to something that feels much more balanced with an edge in range and magic (looking forward to when I finally catch Larnach in base-to-base...) Elvish archers still picked apart my Nefsokar just fine. It took an Overlords shield wall and some help from Wall of Wind to really put the kibosh on their arrows, and even then with Barrage they still did some damage. In contrast, my Overlords seem to perform even better than before now. Shield walls are devilishly effective and the Golem is a beast. He always felt a little light before, but now he can be a terror. He's not in the same league as Sokar's Avatar, the Doom Kitty, or Mossbeard, but with a little luck he can still mash them flat and can definitely put some hurt on them. I'm still tinkering with my Nefsokar. They were always my main army, so I used them first before I was really used to the way the new game plays (especially in army building) and I think they suffered for it. They're probably up next, most likely against my wife's Sisters.
  8. I definitely noticed how much ranged combat had changed. My wife plays Elves and was used to being able to drop a pie-plate sized barrage down from just about anywhere. Now an archer/barrage combo is still effective, but still had trouble wounding my Overlord Warriors' shield wall. It broke through eventually, of course, but that's probability taking over. The real damage came from getting held up by warriors until that bloody tree could start wreaking havoc. My elves were always more melee-centered, even back before it was really viable. It still looks to be more of a theme/for fun army, but at least it no longer looks like it will get just completely steamrolled.
  9. ...well, an angry, well-armored bike, anyway. After a multi-year hiatus, my wife and I started playing Warlord again. After three games (and three losses... ) I started to remember just how much fun this game was. We actually bought about $100 worth of minis after last week's matches... I've had the new rulebook for over a year, but only now got to try it out. This one plays so much better than what I remember from the last editions: wounded minis are no longer essentially dead men walking, magic works much more smoothly now, the big stompy solos don't seem so invincible (finally stomping that Doom Kitty for the first time ever is still the high point of the past few weeks). It's so good to be back into the action again. Can't wait to try my Elves, Necropolis, and Darkspawn out.
  10. Well, we got that one right, at least. First Strike, not so much... My thanks!
  11. Another situation that came up as my wife and I have been reviving the old Warlord-y ways: Model with First Strike charges and attacks, but fails to kill its target. Next activation it is still in Base-to-Base and attacks again: does the attacker still benefit from First Strike?
  12. I've got a follow-up in the vein of Defensive Strikes. Picture if you will: Mossbeard charges, ends up in Base-to-Base with General Matisse, an Overlord Warrior, and an Overlord Spearman. The treeman levels all of his attacks against Matisse (I mean, who wouldn't). Do the Warrior and Spearman also get Defensive Strikes against the Treeman? My gut says no, but neither LadyMeyers or myself could find anything in the rules saying one or the other...
  13. That was probably one of the geeky-est, sweetest things I've read in some time. Made my morning. Then my brain had to go and think: "Wait, if zombies like brains, and mouselings like cheese, does that mean zombie mouselings like head cheese?" Good for you, friend!
  14. Well...after looking around, the only thing I can find is that the Sisters of the Blade seem to have vanished... ...but then, my wife used them all as Crusaders anyway. My old Khamsin might just ride again on the tabletop!
  15. Quick question from an old ghost...;) Same format as the old rulebook? Full datacards and army lists in the book?
  16. I believe the appropriate response is "Groovy."
  17. I'm starting to think Icanhascheezburger is somehow receiving my thoughts, this was on the top of the page right after I posted the joke: *starts folding tinfoil hat*
  18. Now you see why my stock is going to soar Try leaving a trail of polyhedral dice to your door, that always works. Just be ready to whack 'em with the almighty dice bag if they try and get away.
  19. It my 1 year wedding anniversary next Monday (15th) and i just happened across this joke that I had to share: Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really ticked. She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE !!" The next morning he got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up, she looked out the window and sure enough there was a box gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway. Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale. Bob has been missing since Friday.
  20. More like a decelerated rate... Come on, an attractive gamer girl that's gainfully employed, intelligent, and funny. Even at 45 you'd be going for more than your average vapid but hot 20 year old. Just have to play the market right. Serves the woman right, hopefully a year or two of internet ridicule will put some sense into her...$500k is "middle class" in NYC....right.
  21. Ya know, it always surprised me that out of all the interstellar travel ideas come up with across Sci-Fi, Ender's Game had the most probable. Does make interstellar trade a bit of a headache though...
  22. I think the Russians are dealing with Thorium for their reactions, but I can't be certain. I admittedly don't know much about the process or how much power it would put out, but as I understand it, it would be pretty long lasting. I know both Russia and China are planning to be mining the moon within a decade and I hope they succeed. We need another Space Race.
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