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  1. They look decent, not any better or worse than I expected PPM's to look. Yeah, there's some detail lacking on the skellies and others, but overall I'm pleased.
  2. Heck with pre-1700, how about pre-300 Guan Yu Lu Bu Zhang Fei Zhao Yun (Zhao Zilong) I could keep going, but these are ones that are known particularly for bravery or feats of arms.
  3. The recent Burger King commercials are the funniest I've seen The Simpsons in a long time. Problem is, even the networks showing episodes in syndication are now getting into the dull years, I want my Johnny Cash coyote dangit! Now this is a little wierd: Simpsonize Me
  4. If you could be a super-hero, would you be-Justice Guy? .... I think it's best if I stop there
  5. I was expecting a "DeathCat sez .... yer next!" My wife suggested "I see dead people" Too bad it wasn't until after I'd already made the pic
  6. You knew I was going to do it:
  7. 4 people to somehow bring politics into the mix and create a threadjack about how Bush is causing all lightbulbs to need to be changed 1 overly religous person to bring religion into the mix by saying "God is my lightbulb" 25 people to shout down and make fun of the religous person 5 environmentalists to point out how using lightbulbs increases your carbon footprint. 7 people to start spamming the thread with lolcats after it has become a religious/political debate 2 people to try and steer it back to the subject of changing lightbulbs in an attempt to avoid a flame war 3 trolls to start a flame war for their own amusement 1 mod to close the thread after the flame war
  8. This is but stage one of the master plan of the feline overlords... Step 1: predict death Step 2: ..... Step 3: catnip break Step 4: WORLD DOMINATION!
  9. It's a cyberpunk FPS that they slapped the Shadowrun name onto in order to reach an extra market. By all accounts, the FPS part is decent. But calling it Shadowrun is a bit of a stretch.
  10. The implication being that "I'd better get used to asking 'do you want fries with that.'" English degrees are worthless, blah blah blah...
  11. Agreed. The absolute worst thing you could do is just let it sit and hope things resolve themselves, my Shadowrun group imploded because of that. Lay it all out on the line: this sucks and needs to change. Do not be afraid to kick people out if they're troublemakers and causing group tension.
  12. :Actually sir, we found the Jade Monkey in your glove compartment.
  13. ... ... ... ...I'd like you to meet a few friends of mine. Trained ninja squirrels, Helltown. Helltown, trained ninja squirrels... ...make him pay. (I heard that song everyday for a year straight once someone found out I majored in English )
  14. Core rules (how to play): are fine. Army lists, special equipment, and spells are obsolete as well as a few other errata. This is covered in the Rage Chronicles pdf. This means the stats of every model in the game you can get for free. This'll help you decide in advance which army you want to collect. That said, the Deluxe starter is still a good start. If you can find them, the regular starters are good additions. Find out which army tickles your fancy and go from there. I myself started out freelance (anything as long as you don't mix good and evil) and ended up with 5 full armies. The best part is that a roundabout 1500 point army would only run you around $100 to $120 depending on faction. In retrospect, I would recommend Freelance to start. It allows you to indulge your "oh, shiny!" complex and get minis that you enjoy or think look good to build your army and then you can branch out with the minis you have.
  15. I think the death of Dead Like Me had more to do with Patinkin also being on Criminal Minds than anything else. Being solely on HBO didn't help matters any either.
  16. Memory of Light, 2009, provided he lives that long.
  17. Brimstone. Originally on Fox about the same time Millennium came about, but it didn't stick. Sci-fi Channel brought it back in re-runs for awhile, but dropped it within a year.
  18. The wife had it by 12:15 am on release day and had it finished by about 6. She's just about to finish it a second time. I doubt I'll ever get around to reading it. Romance of the Three Kingdoms is burning a hole in my bookshelf.
  19. Few more: only cause I noticed VV was looking at this awhile ago:
  20. No, your mind was destroyed long before then, CM. Hush, the asylum will send the straight-jacket ninjas again... *psst* Hmm? *looks in fridge* crud...
  21. Was starting to wonder where you'd gotten to... Advice on BL...hmm...well...umm...I dunno Yeah, I know, I'm helpful today, I think the Reaper lolcats destroyed my mind... Welcome back!
  22. I was expecting something bigger, don't know why. Though now I have this image of the cyclops getting a bit too into the combat and accidently grabbing the goblin to use as a club...
  23. In due time...just need to find the right pic. This is pretty good, though, I think:
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