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  1. Ok, snooped around a bit: Everything I can dig up says $40 for 12
  2. So I don't hijack Kellyn's thread any further, here's something I've been messing with for awhile (please note, this is all in good fun, I'm sorry in advance if anyone's offended). They all come from here: Cheezburger Factory And one for the road: Can you tell it's been a long week?
  3. I'll see if I can't get an answer.
  4. If AB 3.X were backwards compatible with 2.X datafiles, I could help.
  5. Why yes, I do have too much time on my hands...
  6. Dryer Wars: Battle for the Lint Trap! $40 for 6 Warriors I'm almost certain isn't right. I remember that the original set was supposed to be 6 Warriors, but for more like $25-$30. Then they decided to do essentially what Reaper did with Warlord and increased the number of models in the set to 12 for $40.
  7. $40 for 12 is what I hear. Won't speak for the Evo sets as I don't know if they have plans to increase the number of different sculpts.
  8. With the sequel coming out, I'm really not exceptionally surprised. The rumourmill is churning about a World of Starcraft as well.
  9. PDF is here: http://www.reapermini.com/pdf/Rage_Chronicles_1_0.pdf You'll need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
  10. "Sarge...I love you" *urk* The "Cold Fusion" one's better.
  11. Firstly, it's out of date. Go download the Rage Chronicles pdf (it's free) to get the most up to date rules and stats (trust me, they're veeeerrrryyyy different) Balthon can't be on his own, but hey, if that's how you roll, that's how you roll Nuking elven archers with AOE spells can work wonders, but really only if they're packed together. Take advantage of the crossbowmen's Ranked SA to shield them from fire and they can be great for support. Bondslaves make great fodder to block line of sight to your warriors.
  12. It's true! If you don't stake the hard drive it will come back and drain your RAM! -Cris, eagerly awaiting the day he can go Gallagher on his computer
  13. Fool! Doesn't he realize that if he doesn't drive a screwdriver sanctified by Bill Gates through the hard drive the computer will rise again to plague him? ...yeah, guess who just had computer problems of their own. Not saying I actually did that... ...yet
  14. See how it works? You're just looking around for a new game and before you know it, you're looking at prices and starting out shopping lists.
  15. Oops, forgot the Ratling Guns (2 w/Clanrats) and Warp Fire Launcher (Stormvermin). I put down Grey Seer because that's what the site lists the model as, not because I want to use him as one. Also, I'm working without a book here. But I'd rather have some magic around than rely on Skaven strength of arms. It was the price of the regiment sets that first caught my eye. $90 for a set of units that would go for around $120 is a damn good price, especially when you factor in the Warstore's 20% discount. I fully intend on spectating a few games before I spend any money.
  16. I'm kinda hoping the fact that most of my choices are considered Core will mitigate any list revamps: High Elves: 1 Spellcaster 1 Hero 2 Units of Warriors (32) 1 Unit of Archers (16) 1 Unit of the cavalry (8) 1 Unit of Swordmasters (15) 1 Repeater Bolt Thrower Skaven: 1 Gray Seer 1 Warlord/Chieftan 2 Units of Clanrats (40) 1 Unit of Slaves (20) 1 Unit of Stormvermin (15) 1 Unit of Plaguemonks (20) 2 Rat Ogres w/ 2 Packmasters 1 Packmaster w/ 6 Giant Rats That's what I'm looking at all told
  17. My issues with 40k revolved mostly around the idiotic amounts of streamlining they did, especially around shooting and damage allocation. I liked the "This guy shoots at that guy" system they had before it became unit to unit. Then the complete revamp of all army lists came around and I started realizing how little fun I was actually having.
  18. In some of my weaker moments I've been finding myself eyeing the $90 army boxed sets for Warhammer Fantasy, particularly High Elves and Skaven (I'll refrain from posting the lists I've put together for now as I don't know if they're even legal). I'm getting a bit tired of being one of only a few Warlord players scattered over the entirety of Chicagoland (we won't get into Rezolution, Battlefield: Evolution, and Starship Troopers...), so I've been exploring the big options of the area: which leaves me with Warmachine, WHF, and Flames of War. I'm not much for historicals, and given the choice between Warmachine and Warhammer Fantasy...well, I'd rather take the devil I know over the devil I don't. Here's the thing, I never followed Fantasy much, so I don't know if I'm opening up another can of the same troubles I had with 40k (that eventually led to my dropping the game). Thanks to The Warstore, the prices seem more reasonable, but I don't want to buy into a game only to end up with everything getting changed within a few years. 40k has made me pretty gun-shy of that. I know Fantasy is regiment over skirmish and relies more heavily on things like morale, but that's about it. I want to hear (relatively ) unbiased opinions before I make an initial investment.
  19. Hey! Being the Angel of Death for everyone's childhood memories is my job! Don't make me bring out the Jetsons movie planned for '09... Or the Get Smart movie next June... ...and it's spin-off starring none other than Hiro Nakamura... Oops, too late
  20. He's not the only one. Several DH models re-use Warlord parts and vice versa: check out Lord Ironraven and Lord Jester.
  21. The 5 Simple Rules only apply to ReaperCon, GenCon, and any event where the BL coordinator choses to enforce them.
  22. The ranger looks great. For the wolf, I'd say a little shading on the fur is in order. He looks a little flat.
  23. I know, I know, Games Workshop is the devil, but I already own 4 Raiders and I need to change the scenery a little (sorry, IMG tags won't work): Desert Dogs I think paired with Senet they'd look pretty cool. How do you guys think they'd fit in with the standing Khamsin models?
  24. yes...i'm just a wee bit jealous oh, congratulations.
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