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    First Legion 75 Femme Fatale's 8/13 - 8/27

    Yeah, I totally get it as well. For folks who love the minis, they'll pay what it costs. For folks on the fence, the economics come into play a lot more. All of it is further exacerbated by the Euro/USD value being in the toilet the last few years. I yearn for the good ole days of a 1.35 to 1 Euro because it makes our products cheaper there. You'd be amazed how much of our business is impacted by the GBP and Euro values relative to the USD as many of our historical products are specifically targeted to European customers. Alas, the times we live in....
  2. First Legion

    First Legion 75 Femme Fatale's 8/13 - 8/27

    Hey Guys, Matt from First Legion here. I noted the comments on Shipping etc, and really I can't argue with the logic, particularly when backing for only a single figure to a location outside of the USA. If you pick up only a single mini, it does get expensive. But really, this is true of any product shipped in small amounts from the USA to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, we don't get to set shipping prices, shipping costs what it costs, and $30 from the USA to pretty much most places in the world is around right so long as the parcel weighs less than 4 pounds. Within the US, we pretty much only ship by UPS, so hence the cost there and we warehouse with a professional fulfillment company so there is a little bit of cost there. However, the KS is setup such that the more of the figures you get, the cheaper it all gets, with the highest levels around 45% less than retail. At retail, the figures will still ship from the USA and will still cost what they will cost to ship, though I'm sure some of our resellers in Europe will stock the figures as well. So in that case, you save on the shipping, but are paying retail price in Euros and VAT on the full retail price, rather than the KS prices. As for the prices of the figures, well, again I really can't compare them to other MFR's. I can only compare them to our own retail prices which are stated in the KS, the cost and quality of the sculpts, and the cost and quality of the resin castings (which are the best you're going to see anywhere). I'm sure there are other makers who make less expensive resin figures. So be it. We make what we make, to the quality that we make it, at the cost that we make it for. Our painted historical figures aren't the cheapest either, but they're worth every penny and more that we ask for them. Our goal as a company has never been to try to be the cheapest, it's always been to try to provide best of breed products at fair prices relative to their quality. If you like the figures, overall we think it's a very good deal, particularly at the higher pledge levels when the discounts really get pretty steep. As for the person who said "20 grams", you should recheck your math. These are 75mm figures, provided in retail packaging. I wish that 25 of them weighed only 1 pound (which is what your math works out to!), would save us a fortune shipping them to our US Warehouse! Plus, how often do you back a KS when you get your rewards only 3 months after backing. ;-) Figures will go on immediate retail sale around the same time at the retail prices listed in the KS. The reality is that these types of figures, both in terms of the scale being 75mm and the subject matter, aren't for everyone. But judging by the number of requests we've had for them and that the KS just reached funding about 8 hours in, those who love them really want them. I'm sure there are many who can easily live without. Anyway, thanks for checking it out! Matt
  3. First Legion

    First Legion Fantasy Line

    For those who are interested in checking out some stunning mini's, famous artists Kirill Kanaev put his brush to some of the gobbos in our KS. We posted about it over two updates in our campaign or here is a direct link to his facebook page. His work is just Incredible. FL Kickstarter Updates Kirill V. Kanaev Facebook
  4. First Legion

    First Legion Fantasy Line

    Popping back in for a check-in. Tasso, thanks so much for your support and Dan, I'm glad that my comments have at least piqued your interest in who we are and what we do, irrespective of whether you back or not. I don't want to sound over confident, it's not the intent. But most of you have no idea who we are....all i can say, is that we are the real deal. We've been doing this type of thing for a long time. We have a history of creating best of breed products and we will do our best to achieve the same in the 28mm figure space as well. Tasso, it's interesting that you think our KS is so ambitious. Really, we've heard this a lot and for me, i'm not sure I fully get it. That's probably because I don't follow many Kickstarters. Sure, in setting ours up, we viewed a bunch of them, checked out the different strategies they used, etc..... But most of those were very ambitious as well. But to us, doing 170 or however many 28mm figure kits isn't overly ambitious. In 12 years we've released over 3000 fully painted 60mm figures, each of which had to be sculpted and cast before it was ever even painted. That's an average of 250 per year and those are fully hand painted to a really high level. So to us, 170 or wotnot 28mm figures is not a massive number particularly considering we have set ourselves 9 months or so to get them done and the modeling is well underway. Rather, it's enough to reach a critical mass to have a range be broad enough to have some interest to it. We have always been able to sculpt figures far faster than we can do a fully painted production of them. So not having to paint them (though we might with some!) is very liberating to some extent because once the model is finished, we can go directly to production. With our 60mm painted ranges, we finish a sculpt and it can often be 1-3 years before we produce it. Such is the backlog of production.....painting them takes far more time than sculpting them, at least for us it does. Anyhoo, I actually think this post might make an interesting update for our KS. 3 am here, need to sleep on that first. ;-) Really, I don't want to pressure anyone to back or not back. It's not how we roll. If you guys see and like the stuff, you should back it. If you don't like it, you shouldn't. I am only here to tell you that you'll get what you paid for if you do. Night guys. Matt
  5. First Legion

    First Legion Fantasy Line

    Hi Arkady, This is Matt from First Legion. I noticed some traffic coming from here via the wonders of google analytics, and I thought I'd check it out. All of your concerns are of course very valid and one of our biggest hurdles is that we are very much an unknown entity to the 28mm fantasy market. That being said, let me address the specific points you've raised. This certainly isn't our first rodeo. We are one of the world's leading providers of fully hand painted figures. As part of that, we produce many products that are fully resin or mixed media. The best example are our WWII vehicles. We've been making these in resin for about 10 years now (well, mixed media - mostly resin, turned aluminum gun barrels, some injection plastic for high use parts such as bogey wheels, photo etch, etc...). Further, even for our metal figures, all of the tooling for the molds is done using resin masters. Finally, we've been producing 1/35th scale resin kits for years now as well. So you shouldn't be concerned with our ability to do production tooling or complete a production using resin. We've been working with Resin for a long time and use different resins for different purposes. As I understand the TGG KS that you brought up, they used spin cast resin. That requires mold release agents and isn't the same quality of the vacuum cast resin that we are using. I can't speak to Raging heroes, I know nothing about them other than the fact that they had a few tremendously successful KS's. That's great for them, cool designs and concepts for sure. I have no idea what they did before that or since. We have been producing products to extremely satisfied customers for 13 years now. We've produced and sold literally hundreds of thousands extremely well hand painted figures and related products. We will continue to do this whether our 28mm Fantasy KS has 0 backers or 5000 backers. The process for doing this is far more complex than the process for producing resin figure kits. That's not to say that this is "easy", nothing is ever easy and invariably what can go wrong will on some level. But it is to say that we have the MFR'ing and distribution experience and have created a brand that is synonymous with quality over the years. We aren't about to risk the goodwill we've worked so hard to establish by producing sub par products for the first time in our history for an amount of money that is relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I'd rather refund everyone than ship something I'm not happy with. Our goal with our KS is to offer superlative sculpts at great prices in order to get our products out to as many folks as possible in a new market space for us. We are confident that our KS backers will be happy with what they receive. It is through this process that we will build our brand and reputation in this market such that when we expand the series or do correlated series' in 28mm, the market will have had a good experience and won't have the concerns that you've raised. If we can achieve that with this KS than it will have been a success. Sure, of course we wouldn't complain if it was wildly successful, but the reality is that we aren't dependent on it as a company. Every company has a philosophy under which they operate. Ours has always been to produce best of breed products and offer them at reasonable prices relative to that quality. It has served us well over the years with our 60mm core business and we will apply this same model to our 28mm products. Are we perfect? Heck no, like everyone we make mistakes, but we've gotten it right far more often than we've gotten it wrong over the years and when we have gotten it wrong we go out our way to make it right. One last point back to the castings. If you look at the reviews that have been done about the figures, the one consistent theme is that anyone who has seen them in the hand raves about the quality of the castings and the quality of the sculptures. Everyone's first thought when they hear stuff like that is "you must have paid them to say that." The reality is we didn't. There's no need if the product is good. We simply turn the figures over and tell reviewers to say whatever you'd like about them. A business can't be built on paying people to say good things about bad products because in the end, the products are still bad. Anyway, didn't mean to go on this long. Just thought I'd share some thoughts. Best, Matt