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  1. There a new FREE Town Square Fountain piece just announced for all backers! Over 900% funded now. More free stretch goals Heres the link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/drow-city-of-llurth-dreir?ref=ewdbm6
  2. This Kickstarter is Live! First day pledge discount of 33% Click Link to preview: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/drow-city-of-llurth-dreir?ref=ewdbm6
  3. Kickstarter coming on July 27th! Drow City of Llurth Dreir! Dark Elf City with Over 250+ STL files! Consisting of 15 Buildings, City Walls, Roads and more. STL Magnetic Interlocking System Here's a link; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/drow-city-of-llurth-dreir Love this one! INTRO_Large.mp4
  4. The 11th stretch goal is now open! We have 5.5 days left in the campaign and a ton of stretch goals yet to be hit. Get the entire Dwarven Collection I & II for as little at $2.16 each, thats 38 miniatures!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28mm-fantasy-dwarven-miniature-collection-ii?ref=3upvpc
  5. This Kickstarter just opened there 9th stretch goal! More FREE stuff!!! Now 21 miniatures comes in the base set! Thats only $1.71 for the resin set. Cheap!!! Lets get on this! Here is the link for everyone to view: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28mm-fantasy-dwarven-miniature-collection-ii?ref=3upvpc
  6. This Kickstarter just opened there 8th stretch goal! More FREE stuff!!! Now 20 miniatures comes in the base set! Thats only $1.80 for the resin set. Cheap!!! Here is the link for everyone to view: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28mm-fantasy-dwarven-miniature-collection-ii?ref=3upvpc
  7. Well they seem to be listening to there supporters and non supporters. They just apologized and announced that they are including the Death Knight in their collection of $36 or higher. That works out too, 19 miniatures in the base set and only $1.89 per miniature. Looks like Bobby Jackson is going to be the sculpture
  8. Knight where do you think Reaper and Wizkids make there minis? Its in China. I get your point, just opt out of there emails. Have a great day my friend
  9. Ok so what your saying is don't advertise and don't let people know? And if they do advertise just do it a couple of times. Do you think that is fair to them? I don't know this company from adam but they produce awesome minis and if if it helps them as a small company let them do what they can do to succeed. I understand you don't like it but you can always opt out of the emails. Have you ever purchased their minis? They are amazing and their quality is outstanding comparing other huge companies out there. They also make all there minis here in the states and not in China. I guess we
  10. I have pledged this KS and there prior Kickstarters and I have received 4 emails in total since the start. I guess each person has there own likes and dislikes but I can't see how it is bad or wrong for a company to try and promote their products and attract customers or pledges. If they did nothing, Im sure you guys would turn around and say they need to promote to get more pledges and not support them due to the fact there not promoting. Unfortunately, in my opinion they are in a no win situation with you guys. Regardless, Im not trying to be rude or pick a fight just saying this company
  11. I hear what you guys are saying and maybe its a little too much. But they produce some amazing minis and this KS is amazing and doing very well. 6 stretch goals in 6 days. Ill put up with emails for FREE minis! Think most people would. Just my two sense. Regardless, hope you and your families are well and healthy
  12. The 6th stretch goal has been opened yesterday! This is awesome. Keep it coming! 31 miniatures in the Core Set Collection I & II!!!! Everyone needs to get on this cause it is cheap as hell for some amazing minis https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28mm-fantasy-dwarven-miniature-collection-ii?ref=3upvpc
  13. Ok so right now you get 17 minis at $2.11 a mini for the Dwarven Collection Core
  14. These dwarves are really nice and the cost is really cheap! Cant go wrong at $2.00 a miniature! The core set now comes with 17 minis!!! God love free stuff
  15. Ced1106, Tomb Guardians only uses Jason Wiebe, Bobby Jackson and Gene Van Horne as there sculptures. You can tell the quality of the minis. Im assuming you back this? There on there 5th day and have opened 5 stretch goals and close to another! You have to love free stuff! We need to get all of the Reaper fans that love the sculptures to get on their bandwagon. I agree maybe would have helped leading with Bear Riders but there free now. I have to say I love the Cave Ogre, i think I may get him.
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