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  1. Tomb Guardians new 28 mm monster resin line just funded. These monsters are amazing. Bobby Jackson and Jason Weibe helped create them. Let's help them out. http://kck.st/358ZTsq
  2. Christmas Monster Bash is Live! Pledge Today and get a FREE 1st Day pledge Miniature. Lets help them out and get a crap load of stretch goals. BTW Bobby Jackson, Jason Weibe and Gene Van Horne are the sculptures which are the same as for our Reaper stuff! Heres the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/christmas-monster-bash?ref=259a9q
  3. Is anyone else as excited about this Monster KS as I am? Im thinking with 7 stretch goals that will get me 40 miniatures for $99! Thats like $2.50 a mini, almost less than Bones. Cant wait. Let help this company out and get the word spread.
  4. Thanks Samauri! I just took a look at this Kickstarter and Wow! These miniatures are awesome and they dont cost much. Some of my favorite sculptures are involved, Bobby, Jason and Gene. Im all in on this Kickstarter! 33 miniatures for $99 how can you go wrong plus stretch goals! Last thing I want to say is i have pledged this company in the past and there miniatures are high quality and high detail, no issues on my end. Here is the link for this Kickstarter starting on December 10th https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/841967374?ref=5c92yl&token=8f13ff02
  5. Hey everyone, We all love free things! Tomb Guardians Female Amazons are now into their stretch goals! All the miniatures are metal and come with a 5 year guarantee Thats really cool. These miniatures are really cool. Love all the female miniatures. I just found out that these miniatures are actual for a dungeon crawl game they are releasing next yaar even though they can be used for D&D. Heres the link. http://kck.st/2lpxLQ7
  6. Hey everyone, Tomb Guardians funded their 28mm Female Amazons and are about to hit the first stretch goal! Some of my favorite sculptures made their collection, Jason Weibe, Gene Van Horne and Patrick Keith. Check these out they are outstanding miniatures. Let's show them some love! Im in at the Amazon pledge level. Almost forgot shipping in the US is only $5 and they offer FREE shipping worldwide https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28-mm-fantasy-female-amazons?ref=dhceb8
  7. So the Amazons funded today and then they announced they are offering painted miniatures by their painters. Thats too cool, going to have to look into that. SamuraiJack I agree its way too quiet in there comments section but I guess no one has any questions. Lol
  8. Im in also but you beat me Mckenna35!!!! Lol These are amazing miniatures, so glad Jason, Gene and Patrick sculpted these Amazons for Tomb Guardians. Tom Guardians is becoming one of my favorite miniatures companies. Cant wait for the next release!
  9. I spoke with Tomb Guardians and they have no plans as of right now to release male Amazons. Sry Highlander
  10. Hey just letting everyone know if you haven't seen. Tomb Guardians Kickstarter for the Female Amazons is being released on Tuesday morning September 24th. They look awesome! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28-mm-fantasy-female-amazons?ref=cwnqeh&token=ded10eaf
  11. Everyone, tomb guardians just released their STL printable dwarves dungeon tiles. it looks awesome, it's cheap, they're funded, and they have tons of stretch goals available. I got their minis with another kickstarter and it was amazing quality and detail. I think these tiles will be the same. from the pictures, this is awesome terrain. I pledge the all in level. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/3d-printable-fantasy-dwarven-mine-rpg-dungeon-tiles?ref=w4bpfa
  12. Thanks. I know they do work for both companies. I like the Reaper stuff (obviously) but I also like the Tomb Guardians stuff. I've bought the Reaper stuff for a long time, but I like having the figures in pewter and TG just has more of that for the figures that I like. Especially this line.
  13. Also, I just want to say, as a female, not only am I super excited about an all female faction. It is especially exciting to see the minis are all DIFFERENT body types and are not set up to be totally naked and objectified like most of the female minis that are out there. On the rare occasion that I do see gaming stuff that have females in it, it's either most of the time skinny women who are basically naked with big boobs, or all enormous women who are made to be evil or slobs. These are all different sizes, and just as importantly they are all strong and can do stuff. I don't know if this guy's girlfriend gave him the low down on what women who like this stuff would like to see, but he nailed it. These are my favorite so far.
  14. I saw tonight the Kickstarter page for Tomb Guardians's Amazon campaign has gotten rid of most of their shipping costs. If you buy 1 or 2 figures, you will pay like $6. I've bought from the company before and generally up to 5 or 6 figures will cost only $6-7 to ship (for the whole thing not per figure). But the full set on the Kickstarter only costs $5 now to ship and everything after that has free shipping. I haven't seen any Kickstarters that have given free shipping to customers outside of just doing it as a stretch goal. Outside of Amazon (the online retailer), I don't really see it often with any retailer. I think this is pretty reasonable and better than anything else I've seen. I don't know if it matters to anyone on this forum, but I also saw that they have really low, flat rates for outside of the USA too. I have a friend who lives in Switzerland who looked at the KS too and he said the company is definitely paying the VAT tax for the figures they are shipping to his country. He always pays like 4-5 times the cost to have things shipped to him compared to what he will pay for his figures with this KS. I'm going to be in for the dwarves and amazons for sure. I'm hoping I can afford the painted set by the time I pledge.
  15. I have bought multiple products and backed the Kickstarters from this company, and they have always delivered and been exactly as advertised. They are really high quality and high detail figures and tiles. The owner has also gotten back to me quickly with the questions I have sent him in the past. I don't care if he wants to work around the clock. I'm just happy Tomb Guardians keeps putting out new products for me to use. I think the dungeon tiles for this Kickstarter knocks it out of the park. I'll definitely be backing them again on this one. Have you guys ever backed or bought anything from them? I'd be shocked if you did and didn't like what you got or had a bad experience.
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