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  1. @mikem91 I realize that my post having immediately followed yours might've made it seem like I was targeting you, but tbh I'm not sure I'd even read yours at the time. Just funky timing, I assume, but I definitely wasn't trying to call you out or anything. Cheers. Honestly, thanks for both the commiseration and words of encouragement, everyone. I'm sure we'll see it soon, and I'm excited for when that happens! And of course, I'm at the stage of moving when this is most awkward (still awaiting for final approval, so I'm not ready to list it as our new address yet)... so no doubt
  2. I know Reaper is doing the very best in a global catastrophe, and we'll have our minis soon enough, but the cult of toxic positivity (mostly on Facebook) doesn't seem particularly productive. Like, it's okay to be a little frustrated that you want your KS order that was estimated originally for April. It's okay to be a little antsy about that. Obviously don't take it out on Reaper or their employees (because again, they're working hard to make this right) but stuff like "I have 956,403 minis so I don't need it anytime soon" isn't really the comfort some of y'all think it is. In f
  3. We're so close! I long ago stopped my daily oogling of the minis on the kickstarter page, so now I almost feel like I'll be surprised at all the goodies! I'm really looking forward to all the terrain pieces coming in. I have some homemade stuff I've used, but this is gonna really bulk up the set pieces I can throw on the table.
  4. That's a good point. In fact, the novels rarely deal with monsters, outside of the prequel short story compilations. The video games seem to have a different vibe, but their status in canon is kinda funky anyway.
  5. I don't wanna yuck anybody's yum (and the minis do definitely look cool) but it's interesting they set something as character-heavy as The Witcher in a completely different time period with (almost) none of the characters we know. I guess KOTOR got lucky being praised for doing the same thing, but I can't help but feel that without its characters or political conflict, the Witcher is just kinda condensed down to European folklore/fantasy. Then again, apparently they're making a TV show set in this period too, so what do I know? Maybe I'm just salty we're not getting
  6. Might be too optimistic, but it might at least be well within the realm of possibility that those six six-demon packs will either ship or arrive on 6/6, too... 😅
  7. Haha, "Demonic Tutor" might be what you're thinking of 😉
  8. Right? Feels like overtime in a soccer game- we all accounted for it, but knowing we're so close to the end without quite knowing how much time is left is making it seem a lot longer than it is. 😝 I'm sure we'll get news soonish, and not long after we'll finally get our hands on these sweet minis.
  9. Oh, I'm sure I'll have plenty of use for them in our ongoing one. We're pretty sandbox right now so it'll be tough to prioritize what to paint first!
  10. Weird question- we made an offer on a house, and could be closing within 45 days. However, I've made a deal with our current renter that we'd give them a 3 month heads up (which we'll be doing today) whenever we're ready to move. So, with that in mind... it would be reasonable enough to assume Bones V would be here 3 months from today, right?
  11. Last weekend we started a one shot with one of the other teams that the players had dispatched to the Sword Coast. The one shot is based on an existing 5E adventure, so no spoilers, but if the characters succeed then they may gain some support of mages to aid in False Mezro's resistance. The players' regular characters are also now headed to the Sword Coast, so things might get interesting. If both groups meet, I'm considering letting them mix the teams up a bit and play as whichever characters they want for a while.
  12. Excellent, that's what I was hoping for! 😀
  13. So excited for shipping to start (relatively) soon! Will there be a way to track our orders once they ship?
  14. Bones V was my first Kickstarted I've ever backed. I think I did okay for myself.
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