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  1. cawatrooper

    Solo gaming

    You could use the Descent App and swap out some of the minis it comes with.
  2. cawatrooper

    Mass Combat

    First time DM here, starting a new campaign in a few months. I've developed a sort of mass combat system, with these goals in mind: -Speed: Even with tons of units on the board, roughly 75% of gameplay should ideally be on player turns. The players obviously aren't there to see NPCs fighting each other, so my philosophy on this is that action should always be centered on the PCs. The other figures still matter, but quick wholescale calculations should be used on each of their turns, rather than tediously dividing them into small groups (or worse, each figure getting an individual turn). -Choice: Give the heroes tons of objectives to organically complete in the battle, outside of "kill all the baddies". For one possible battle, I have optional objectives like defending certain points, sallying out to the river and beseeching a local spirit guardian's assistance in sinking enemy ships, assassinating the enemy commander, sabotaging enemy siege engines, and climbing a massive tower (unfortunately outside of the barricade's range) and lighting signal fires, among others. Some objectives are better achieved with the heroes alone, some would be much easier working along with a unit of soldiers. Each contributes to the battle in their own way, but the heroes only would be able to engage in a limited number of these activities during the battle's course. -Simplicity for players: I have complex rules for morale, but I want to keep it hidden, with the players discovering it on their own. Like, they should discover on their own that being flanked can be dangerous, or that they can trigger a massive enemy routing by targeting weaker groups first. I'm actually pretty happy with the system that I have currently, but I'm curious what other ideas you might have. I can post my rules here later, but first I wanted to get some general tips that might be totally different than my thoughts, rather than feedback on what I already have. Also, I am planning on sometime running a one shot using these rules before our campaign, just to make sure it's actually fair and fun. Something simple, like goblins vs people. So, any thoughts?
  3. Very good idea, thank you!
  4. I might give it a try, then. I mean, so far in our current campaign I'm one of the few PCs who hasn't engaged in brothel activity yet, so maybe I'm making a bigger deal about this than it really is.
  5. I've been cobbling together a ton of minis for a 5E campaign I plan on running in the coming months (well started on painting, too) from games like Descent and the D&D Adventure board games. I just recently got into Reaper with the Lost Valley expansion for some much needed dino stuff, and I noticed how one of the models was a little less clothed than what we're used to. Checked out a lot of other Reaper stuff, and I can see that's not uncommon. Now, I'm by no means a prude, and I think these sort of models could really help with the tribal feel I'm going for with my Chult campaign, but I really wonder how my group will react when I whipped out a mini that's already whipped it out, if you get what I mean. We're all pretty liberal-minded, and I think that can swing both ways- nudity doesn't really bother any of us (we regularly watch Game of Thrones together, for instance). However, an oversexualized mini could rub some people wrong. And I can't stop thinking of awkwardly painting nipples... yikes. Anyway, for those of you who have had similar experiences- how did your groups react?
  6. cawatrooper

    Dinosaurs in Lost Valley

    Cool, thanks! Yeah, the more I look into it, the more I'm digging this pulpy vibe.
  7. cawatrooper

    Dinosaurs in Lost Valley

    I was thinking the same thing, it really has that classic old school dino vibe. Hard to put into words, but I feel like it's basically the same energy as a lot of the older (horribly inaccurate) art in books I probably read as a kid. I don't hate it, but I'm glad the whole set isn't like that.
  8. Hmm, what if you clipped this guy's wings? Maybe mod some horns on to him, and I feel like that'd be pretty close.
  9. cawatrooper

    Dinosaurs in Lost Valley

    I like the way you think.
  10. cawatrooper

    Dinosaurs in Lost Valley

    Ah yeah, I guess I just assumed Reaper didn't use the 5E name, but Axe beak seems to be the fit. I guess I could just go with a regular giant lizard stat for the Hornslasher. Is it based off an actual non-dino ancient lizard?
  11. Hmm, how about Kyra and Lavarth, modding out the wings and rider?
  12. cawatrooper

    Minis we would like to see

    I'd love to have more villager/townsfolk types. Our games have a lot of roleplay, so we're often in cities and villages. Having a ton of minis to throw on the board to represent people in the town would be great, especially if they're not all heroes armed to the teeth. Some of the bigger stuff I'd like to see is an aboleth and a terrasque. I'm just kind of getting into Reaper, so I apologize if they do have those already. Also, I just picked up Lost Valley, but even then I'd love to see more dinos! Chult needs more love. Can't wait for the blacktooth, too, though I did already pick up the Wizkids one (Reaper's looks so much cooler, though). We need a stegosaurus, pachysephalosaurus, mid-range therapods, maybe some fliers. I get that we probably won't get any sauropods, but maybe a smaller one like diplodocus?
  13. Just picked up the Lost Valley box on today's sale for a campaign set mainly in Chult that I plan on running (my first time DMing, outside of a one shot a few months ago!). It looks like the minis are going to be perfect for me, but I have a few questions about what some of them specifically are. Obviously the raptors, anklyosaurus, and carnotaurus are easy to place (though I'm considering using the carnotaurus as a general non-tyranosaurus big carnivore, like allosaurus). But my childhood days of reading dinosaur books everyday appear to have failed me. What is the "hornslasher" supposed to be. Is there an equivalent in 5E? How about the Axebeak (Phorusrhacos)? I see that it's an ancient bird, but is there a monster equivalent in 5E? I don't mind homebrewing if needed, and these minis are such a perfect match for the vibe I'm going for. Can't wait to get my box!