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  1. Either I have the worst possible batch of Reaper Master Series Paints (all 216 of them) or I live in the worst possible area on the face of the planet as far as using these paints is concerned. I have yet to use two paints that have any consistency in any way. Either I have paints that are more than water thin, or paints that are like PVA glue (or worse). All I can put it down to is the fact that I live in the subtropics and Reaper MSPs' can't handle the temp or humidity. Which is a real shame, since my wife spent $500+ Australian Dollars on getting me these paints for an Anniversary present. Fingers crossed I will be able to get rid of these paints fairly easily. EbayAus here I come. DF
  2. Heya Everyone; Thanks for all the kind words and ideas. I just thought I would jump on the forums quickly and post a couple of pics on one of the Witches Coven my wife has painted up... The Red Witch: Front: Back: I also took all your ideas and critiques onboard, and have finished the Undertaker that goes with my Hireling... Undertaker: Front: Back: And too finish off this post, here is a (non-Reaper mini, sorry) paintjob I did this last week. It's the first time I have ever attempted to do anything like this. I am happy with the paintjob itself (too a degree), it's just a pity that my camera-fu let me down... Dungeons & Dragons Prepainted 1/2-Orc Spy (Repainted): Comments & Critiques more than welcome as always. DarkFather
  3. Heya Voladilk; Thanks for the kind words (not too much to be kind about I know). I am in Bundaberg, QLD. DF
  4. Darkfather

    First timer

    Heya All; Thought I would post these pics and see what people thought. I have been painting 'GW' minis (using their paints) for years, but would only consider myself a mediocre painter at best (as you will see in 'my' pic). This weekend just passed, I was privelaged to be visited by an online friend, who happened to bring with her, her collection of Reaper Master paints. So in short, I got to use a paint other than a GW one... O M * G! These Reaper paints are unbelievable! My friend has only just left, to head home, and my wife and I are already trying to find the best place to get the Reaper Master paints from (here in Australia). We want to get the complete set, just to have everything in one hit. Anyway. As I stated above, I would consider myself a mediocre painter at best - and one that has NEVER been able to paint flesh. With these Reaper Master paints though... Wow. I realise that my painting ability is bad, but even so, the paintjob I have done on the mini I am about to show, has just blown me away. If there are any other Aussies on these boards that knows where I could purchase the complete Reaper Master Paints set from in Australia, please let me know ASAP. I (for the first time in a long time) actually WANT to paint. OK, sorry for the rant/ramble. On with the pics... The first two minis were painted by my wife (also first time Reaper paint user): Egyptian Cat: Egyptian Urn: Withches Coven (Just the pot/vat only, unfortunately - not enough time to get the 3 witches started): OK. Now my attempt at my first Reaper paint(ed) mini. I didn't get enough time to do the Undertaker, but I did manage to get his Hireling completed. I decided to give both the Undertaker and the Hireling extremely pale skin, as they do most of their outside work at night, during the day being indoors (so as not to 'scare' the mourners). Undertakers Hireling: Yes I need ALOT more practice at using these paints, and certain techniques (blending/shading/layering/etc)... But right now, I just need to get myself some Reaper Paints! C&C Welcome. I hope the Hireling isn't 'too painful' to look at. DarkFather
  5. Dark Heaven: 2814 Pillar of Evil 2815 Pillar of Good 2584a Beggar 2584b Strumpet 2584c Blacksmith
  6. Darkfather


    Yes they are from Hasslefree. You can find them for sale at the CMoN shop, fantization or direct from Hasslefree in the UK. Ahah! Hence my 'stupidity'. I do nopt know of the company 'Hasslefree'. Thanks. I will go look them up asap.
  7. Thanks for all the help and the links everyone. This site is extremely helpful, thankyou. I just hope I don't completely destroy the mini in the process (learning something new and all). Yes the leg is going to be attached. I have only painted the cape/cloak so far, and where the leg goes, is easy to get to. (It has been left of to make painting the parts of the mini behind the leg easier). Thanks again for all the help.
  8. Darkfather


    Very nice indeed. Great minis, where/who did they come from? Are they Reaper? I need some children mini for my next village in my D&D RPG game, they would be excellent!
  9. ......Wow!..... I am off to break my brushes and drink all my paints..... That is true art. Unbelievable..... How long has that painte.... ARTIST, been painting minis? I could paint all my life, and never get that good.
  10. Hi all; Well I have purchased a new Reaper mini, and decided to give him a blue cloak. I am extremely pleased at how the cloak came out, so far, but am now stuck as to what to do next. I have painted the mini with Citadel/GW Midnight Blue - Shining Silver mix, and then inked/washed the cloak with blue ink. Is it too late to do highlighting, or am I destined to have to drybrush the cloak to get the highlights? (Or dust the cloak, as Jester puts it). Here is a pic of the cloak as it is right now... If I am not too late to do highlighting, my next question is... How do I do it? I appologise for the stupid questions, but I come from the GW painting era, and drybrushing is all I know. I want to try and get my minis nice and smooth, and have even started to 'THIN MY PAINTS' (this will make Jester happy, I am sure... ). Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Oh, yeah, if anyone is interested in seeing my other painted stuff, jus go to... http://www.members.iinet.net.au/~pnmcomputers/ And follow the links in the Navigation Frame. If you feel so moved, please feel free to sign my guestbook. Thanks
  12. Wow! This was one hard miniature to paint. I tried a few 'new to me' techniques on this mini, and I am quite happy personally with the outcome. Anyway, let me know, please, what you guys think... The picture is bleh, unfortunately, but if there is anyone who wants a better pic before they say anything, just let me know, and I will take a much better one. Thanks. NEW PICS;
  13. Well here he is. I still need to finish the base, but he is good enough to post, I think. As always, all critiques welcomed, thanks.
  14. Thanks again for everyones help. The finished miniature (except base, still needs highlighting), will be posted in the Show Off forum shortly. Again, thankyou to everyone.
  15. I would just like to thank everyone for their help thus far. Obviously the mini still requires touchups, washes, drybrushing etc al. But I couldn't continue until I had a hair color in mind... I have all of your idea(s), and have been warned off Auburn from a few other people also. Hopefully this mini will be finished within the next 24hrs (it is 4:00am here in Australia at the moment), so I will post the finished pic when he is completed. thanks again for all the help and idea(s) thus far.
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