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  1. I love the school bus! Something everyday transformed into a futuristic or post-apocalyptic vibe really sparks the imagination.
  2. -Start magicpunk centaur cop conversion for my Ravnica D&D PC - really ambitious for me, when I've done very little conversion or sculpting ever, but concept sketch done today, and the horse half mini is picked out. For this month, minimum pick out a mini for the human half and plan the sculpting for the lance and shield. -Paint Thri-Kreen for Dark Sun game -Paint any 5 small or medium beasts from stash -Paint any 2 monsters from stash -Actually buy myself a decent brush
  3. Love the cockatrices so much! They would make great familiars. Really tempting to get Fan Favorites, we were out gaming with friends all day so I didn't see them until after the KS closed. We are in for... a lot for our first KS. Probably: -Core -All 5 gargantuan dragons -Shadow dragon -Greek Odyssey -Dungeon Dwellers -Mammoth (2) -Goroloth -Dragonfolk -Spider encounter -Arakoth -extra Gem Dragon -Succubi/Incubi And probably more. Hubby just got a big unexpected bonus from work and we're tempted to buy the Nautical Campaign in Several Boxes Pack (ship, Dark Depths [I love the sea giant so much and it's nearly worth $50 itself], Brinewind, Brinewind extras, sirens)... Maybe in 2 years we'll want to stage our own remix of our mediocre Adventurers' League GM's version of Ghosts of Saltmarsh.
  4. I'm really happy for everyone who wanted Chronoscope, but as a first timer, a whole expansion at the last minute makes me so nervous! Though knowing the timeline for Fan Favorites last time from earlier in the thread does help. But I want that red dragon! We need to have a shelf of chromatic dragons in the living room to go with our 3e dragon poster!
  5. I like them all, but maybe Wizkids Clockwork Dragon and Valfuryx from Bones V? Yes, I try not to because they tend to last too long and throw me off my sleep (lack of) schedule more than usual. When I was in high school, I barely slept at night and napped in every single class and still got straight As. Untreated insomnia is bad, mmkay. (She said at 5 AM.) Honestly, most of them, except maybe the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Endgame was a masterpiece of interacting character storylines. From Florida to Hawaii in high school, for a math competition. I hope to go further someday. Not really, though I like some horror comedies. I like some of the fantasy subject matter, but I don't like any aspect of being scared. I do like complicated horror co-op board games like Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill and Eldritch Horror. Something about working with your friends to beat the odds. I also love Halloween, but mostly because I get to dress up, decorate like a goth, and eat candy. Nearly everything, especially if it's new to me. Dark chocolate is my most consistent favorite, but I'd rather buy some weird gummies I've never seen before. Thanks for the thread, I had fun! Sorry I missed the last week, injured my finger pretty bad and family issues.
  6. Thanks! My mom makes jewelry and other short-range crafts and she loves the transition ones, good to know they work for minis too.
  7. I like the tiny mouselings, but then, I have not bought any yet. My hobby budget is taken up with stuff I can use for games, and none of my friends like anthro that isn't already in the D&D rules. The details don't look any smaller than some of the Wizkids gnomes and halflings I've done, though, which I really enjoyed (even though their details were clearly rendered to be in-scale on a computer screen, rather than easy to paint). But then, I'm 31. My astigmatism is getting worse and I need new glasses, but I don't need reading bifocals yet.
  8. Note that they didn't set up separate Canada waves, and Americas and Europe are together, so I think this might happen again. As a transplant Canadian though, it's WAY more expensive and a pain in the butt for everyone involved to ship things worth over about $40 direct from the US instead of using a Canadian distributor, so I hope they continue to have a distributor. I know people's sense of fairness is a big thing, but it also seems unfair to double our already US$40 shipping/fees, or give the distributor some arbitrary order to ship things in, just so we don't possibly get something early. This is exactly why I love her! I want to use her for a PC, but I can't play any more humans until I finish my self-imposed challenge (play all D&D 5e classes exactly once, with unique races). She'd work for a Dark Sun Mul (half-dwarf) though, or maybe a short-ish Goliath, both of which are hard to find as female. My position is we need more females with non-slender body types, BOTH human and non-human. Humans say to girls and women who don't fit the usual glamorized body types, "You are normal too, you are not a different species". Which is something media doesn't tell us often enough. Non-humans say "hey, women can imagine different roles for themselves too" and occasionally "women are not a separate race, identities overlap" (in the Tolkein-esque way that since only humans and maybe elves have a very few women, they seem just as exotic as a separate race, and having some parallels to real-life intersectionality).
  9. Yes. Made a vegan pumpkin alfredo recipe before that was pretty good, but not very filling as written. I should try again sometime. I think pumpkin cheesecake is still probably my favorite though. My sister-in-law makes an amazing from-scratch pumpkin pie, just had some at Canadian Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. Old computer games for the Mac. I tried to get Crystal Quest (arcade-style top-down monster shooting game) to emulate, but it was always too fast, and therefore going from insanely difficult to outright impossible for me. Escape Velocity (space opera) gameplay style has evolved into EVE Online/Endless Sky, but I really wanted to try the original storyline from a few more factions. Just searched: Crystal Quest is on Steam for $5 now, but the original storyline of Escape Velocity is still unavailable. Not yet. The cheap Bones 5 ones are tempting. Got to voir dire aka being interviewed to "audition" for the jury. The really scary thing was how nearly every single one of us potential jurors had either experienced serious domestic violence or had a close friend/family member who had. I wasn't chosen (possibly because I told them I couldn't unknow my chemistry degree if they presented bad science as evidence), but it was an interesting window on a real courtroom.
  10. I believe the technical term for this is "living the dream"! As for the pegasus, I don't see it as a terrain flight base like the Roc, I see the pose as rearing up to take off. In the stream it was clear that a lot of the support is coming from the tail. I love it but I hope it isn't replacing the hippogriff.
  11. Our friends just got a VR rig about a month ago. I've only got to play it once, but I really enjoyed Beat Saber. Even though I was already exhausted from walking around the city all day, they still had to drag me off of it to go home to bed. They're thinking about getting knuckles that you can use to pick up and grab things seamlessly in VR, seems pretty neat, but most of the games that support it look too violent for my tastes. Me and the hubs are consistent since launch Pokemon Go players, and some of our friends got back into it about six months ago. My current phone doesn't even support the AR photo mode, but of course the whole game is really AR. It's far from perfect in game design, relies too much on fear of missing out and randomness. Still, it was a nudging factor in lots of fun outings, from going to the waterfront or the botanical gardens once a month for Community Day, to exploring Manhattan by myself when the game first came out, to finally taking that weekend in Montreal as a couple we'd wanted for years because of a ticketed Go event there last month. It's a big reason I have more fond memories of it than any other mobile game I've played... Though the Pokemon nostalgia is, of course, what keeps me from going to other AR games.
  12. Hobby progress: In progress, some Death Star Lilies and a Wizkids female human rogue (to be a mul ranger for my friend's upcoming Dark Sun 5e game). Yep, I paint on a miniature mat in front of my vintage sewing machine right now. Just measured my hair for the first time in a long time, 37" from the top of my head. It's tailbone length when braided, top of my thighs when loose. I've nearly always had very long hair, I missed it when I've cut it in the past, but I think it's getting a bit too long for how much thinner it's gotten lately, so it might get a hip length chop soon.
  13. Fingers crossed for clear gem dragon! Anyone else immediately want to paint the treasure golem's big face gem as a tiger eye? Though I guess that wouldn't usually be faceted. Maybe star sapphire? I want it to have that creepy "pupil"...
  14. I know, but mostly I care about the hippogriff. It's my #1 favorite from the previews. So I'm nervous to know if I'm already pledged for it and don't know it, or it's an add-on that I need to worry about it not getting unlocked... Of course I know that it's already sculpted and previewed, the KS is going very well, and so it's likely to get unlocked at some point, but my nerves are still going WHAT IF.
  15. Wise words, yet I'm vibrating internally to find out what's in Greek part 3!
  16. I love the snow, especially the footprints and the edges of the wolf's base. Realistically slushy and satisfying! I also love the many shades of worn leather in the raiders' clothing. It really tells the story that they have made this gear from the skins of many kills over the years. Great job!
  17. So beautiful! Thank you for all the tips and detailed photos, very helpful. I can't wait to get my hands on one. Probably at retail, since my husband has claimed her as his #1 pick from the KS... *rueful grin* I especially love the way you painted in her muscles. Goes so well with this sculpt being so powerful and intimidating, without overwhelming the flow of the pose.
  18. Is this like that viral math problem recently, where the grouping is ambiguous just to mess with us? As a recent transplant to Canada, the only one I've seen was closer to "1+1+1 = ?"...
  19. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for the blog write-up on the stippling, it should help me out on a current project. I love all the contrasts, really makes her striking, even at first glance.
  20. Brilliant! My favorite part is the labeled arcs on the right upper wing. What a transformation! You really made him your own, and it looks great.
  21. Yes! If you don't open the door, they start spelling out a ransom note in front your window with their bodies! I love them, especially your description.
  22. Yeah. I figure, I love that hippogriff so much I would already pay $20+ for it, hubby loves the cloud giantess that much, he likes the storm giant, and I like the hydra, the Amazon, and the harpies. So if there are some foot soldiers we don't like, or the Cerberus isn't so defined, it's still worth it for us. At least with the Cerberus, I can have fun with painted fur texture. It's already better than the dollar store zombie dogs I did when I first started, and those were a blast.
  23. As a Bones KS newbie, I've found reading through this thread interesting trying to figure out what to expect. I'm really glad I did because the extra pictures and opinions have got me more excited about minis that didn't initially grab me, like the Goroloth (much cooler to me in the other angles you posted, thanks @TaleSpinner!), Valfuryx the green dragon (I didn't even realize it was the same model for over a day because the stumpy tail in the outdated KS pic was such an immediate turnoff), and yeah, the Dragon Wolf too. Mostly because the head fur of the Dragon Wolf is shaggier than I prefer. But with the ideas to stat it up, I could see it being a cool custom Find Greater Steed option for a 5e Paladin. I'm sort of glad I'm unemployed, because my hubby does not have time to read through the forums, so I wish they'd update and correct the KS a bit more. Both of our top must-buys from the previews aren't unlocked yet, the cloud giantess and the hippogriff. If they're both in the Greek expansion, we'll have to get it, though I hope the final Cerberus looks more defined than in that pic. I don't mind the smoother fur, but the face detail doesn't pop for me. Hopefully it's just a blurry pic.
  24. Using so many colors really sells the old and weathered effect. I love it.
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