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  1. Very cool I love the colors and the lava base !
  2. Love the colors really inspiration job i'm curious what you used to undercoat and get the red and yellow so vibrant
  3. Thanks so much Evil James for your speedy reply this really great to know I'm really looking forward to playing warlords and its nice to know there are nice people like you who are able to answer questions in a helpful way Also its good to know for scenario play and about the bases actually I was really wondering about that. Or if you had any good example of some theme armies you might be able to point me to? Thanks again I shared this post with my partner and she's really thrilled to check out the game too :)
  4. HI I'm a new player but I've been curious after seeing the tutorial videos on you tube I own the warlord rule book savage north I noticed the guy was using a cave man type army in place of a standard army my question is would the data cards stay the same or would they be different or custom? or is there an expanded list for like necromancers and alternative themed armies with more troop variants? For example instead of using Judas using a lich or for the elf faction making Varashia / queen of high elves ect ? Or have a lord that's not a named hero like basically just a generic lich or
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