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  1. Not no, but hell no!! Ok, then you might as well lay down in a vat because the Dwarves are going to stomp you like you were grapes.
  2. "I also have no idea, by Garl's beard this is the first time I've even set foot on a ship." Gil says and looks to see if anyone else has an idea or instruction.
  3. Grover Cleveland!!!??? It was obviously a fake, everyone know that it's Bill Clinton on the million.
  4. Holy flying chunks of oompa-loompas! I actually one this week!!!!
  5. At least it sounds the wosrt that happened is he's out a pair of pants.
  6. Congrats!!!!You get to share your wedding with the grand opening of Cheyenne's only FLGS!
  7. You've never offended me and I've always enjoyed your show offs(even if I don't necessarily post compliments.) You'll be missed.
  8. At least that one tell you why they won't be a part of the rapture.
  9. What I like is the article has pretty much the whole recipe.
  10. Wow, this rates right up there with the "Is my baby gay" page.
  11. I would say that the fact that it was once part of him is irrelevant. He forfeited ownership of it when he failed to pay his storage fees. Lesson: When storing your own severed body parts, make sure to pay your storage fees, or keep them at home.
  12. Three cats for the Persian-kings under the sky, Seven for the English-lords in their halls of stone, Nine for each time a cat may die, One for the Pharoh great on his golden throne In the Land of Egypt where the Kitties lie. One Cat to rule them all, One Cat to find them, One Cat to bring them all and in the darkness Groom them In the Land of Egypt where the Kitties lie.
  13. Wow, someone was really bored, had too much time or both.
  14. Gil will dash over to the creature and retrieve his dagger then climb back to the deck to help with the fire.
  15. The second letter in the English alphabet. Didn't you learn that in kindergarten?
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