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  1. "Now," he says to the group. "Innyboody got inny soogeshons on how weer gonna git this thing inta poort? Ah haven't tha foorthist fookin' idea how ta drive a boot."


    "I also have no idea, by Garl's beard this is the first time I've even set foot on a ship." Gil says and looks to see if anyone else has an idea or instruction.

  2. The leg belongs to one of the guys. Like it was actually part of him at one point.


    I would say that the fact that it was once part of him is irrelevant. He forfeited ownership of it when he failed to pay his storage fees.


    Lesson: When storing your own severed body parts, make sure to pay your storage fees, or keep them at home.

  3. The side of the box clearly shows that this is the "One Cat" to rule them all. ;)


    Three cats for the Persian-kings under the sky,

    Seven for the English-lords in their halls of stone,

    Nine for each time a cat may die,

    One for the Pharoh great on his golden throne

    In the Land of Egypt where the Kitties lie.

    One Cat to rule them all, One Cat to find them,

    One Cat to bring them all and in the darkness Groom them

    In the Land of Egypt where the Kitties lie.

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