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  1. Heck, around here we never even got to see the season finales when they were broadcast. They always got pre-empted by hockey playoffs. How screwed up is that.

    You were lucky, we don't have a UPN station local so the fox station carries the show but preempts it for everything so I only have been able to watch a few episodes.

    On the other hand I am also enjoying the new BSG.

  2. What I want to know is why some of those "trigger" lights won't even change, even when there is a line of 20+ cars waiting for it to change so they can go? We live in a rural area and there is one road (Pearce) that ends at another road (FM 973) that is busier (only slightly) than FM 973. If you're trying to turn off of Pearce onto 973, you can turn right, but half are making a left-hand turn because you can get to a major highway faster going that way.


    And we've sat there for 20 minutes waiting for the darn light to turn green, only it does, so people start going and treating it like a stop sign because IT WON'T CHANGE. <_<


    Meanwhile, we're all late for work because just one mile up the road from that light is the Travis County Correctional Facility, and there are a lot of County Sheriffs in the area. It's an easy place for them to set up shop and dole out tickets, so no one wants to run the red light, but in the end we're forced to.

    The problem here may be the sensor pad in the road. We've got a light like that here in Cheyenne. The pad is too far forward so to trigger the light you have to almost pull into the intersection. That or the calibration is off so a passenger vehical is simply too light to set it off.

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