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  1. About rolling crappy with the dice...I always roll crap with those dice thats why my players insist I use them when I DM :rolleyes:


    Man, I would have used that as an excuse. "Sorry guys, the dog ate that set so I guess will have to use these." *rolls* "Oh, would you look at that potential crit already." :devil:

  2. Tony freakin Romo!!!! :wub: He scored as much as my opponent's entire team! Watch the Autumn WIN light it up and be the high scoring team this week. 70+ with Chad, Vernon Davis and my Kicker to go. I'd make this smack talk more smackish, but I haven't slept this weekend! Good night and fear the Autumn Win!!!!


    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion.

  3. I ended up finding homes for all of them except a 5 1/2' Nile monitor - he ended up having to be euthanized.


    That's a shame. My wife had one brought in a few years ago, only a 3-1/2 footer. She now resides in the Denver Zoo. Some one had release it into a local park...idiot.


    We've had 2 american alligators also brought in in the last year. I wish people would realize that some critters just do not make good pets.

  4. My wife works full time and I work part time at our shelter, and yes we have rescued a bunch. We have 8 dogs and 9 cats, which is about our limit. At least 2 of our dog we know originally came from the local pet store. We adopted them because they had behavior problems and would have been euthanized as we are a small community and do not have the resouces to retrain these animals.

    I never have nor will I ever buy a dog or a cat from a pet store.

    Any breeder who does not care who gets their pet is not a responsible breeder.

  5. there is also a movie about a 'Han Solo' type character that is pretty damn bad, so much that i forgot the name.

    (it was someone's adventure in the somethign or other dimension...or somethign like that)


    I believe the title you are looking for is: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension


    I have to agree with Qwyk. The Black Hole is a good one. And Tron. :)

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