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  1. Have a Happy Birthday, even if it does mean you're now "old."
  2. I'm wondering how they found out, did they do some random genetic test. "Hey hun, now that we're married let's go see how closely were related."
  3. Never read the book so I thought the movie was pretty good.
  4. at least he was smart enough to leave one hand free to operate the remote.
  5. CuCulain42


    Welcome, don't be shy. Jump in and start posting we're pretty friendly 'round these parts.
  6. Roses are red, Violets are blue, she's narcissistic, and so she is.
  7. Yes just keep your fingers clear of those fan blades...
  8. Turbo Toaster gets the job done in 50 seconds.
  9. I currently only subscribe to John Constantine: Hellblazer. I used to read Elfquest, I didn't even realize they were they were still publishing new issues. I am considering getting into Proof, but my FLG&CS sold out of it quickly. Issue 3 comes out this month so I'll check that out when it comes in. My wife gets all the 30 Days of Night series that she can get her hands on. I'm in with my FLG&C guy I could ask what titles he's got the most subscriptions too. He's only been open since Halloween so he's still building customers but it could help.
  10. You are incorrect the Hebrew Bible consists of 39 books, what you are confusing it with is the Tanakh, of which there are 3 parts the Torah (which is the first 5 books you mentioned,) the Nevi'ium (all the prophet books, and the Ketivum (the writings, Psalms, proverbs and the like.) It's still a interesting feat.
  11. Holiday decorations are just extra cat-toys so I do not decorate, thus I do not have to take anything down.
  12. I saw the preview at "I Am Legend" and I thought it looked like it was going to be good. So far I've liked the recent turn in the Batman francise, movie wise.
  13. It couldn't. Look at the video again, none of the legs have individual movement, they're all paired up front to back (left outside front to left outside rear, left inside front to left inside rear, etc) and they have a limited range of motion. They're moved by an attached arm that seems to work pretty much like an old locomotive train. The arm moves the leg in circular motion, the down and back strokes move the machine while the up and forward arcs move the leg back into position for the next step. But there doesn't look to be any way for the legs to be lifted higher to do something like move over rough terrain or vertical obstacles much higher than a curb. That's why I commented. I did notice that. I also noticed this. While a nifty little novelty, it on the whole doesn't seem very practical.
  14. I think it's just the holiday slump. I'm definately still interested. Just not much Gil can do ATM.
  15. Gil takes up the hints at conversation. "So do guys have to come out in the harbor and board a vessle often? Believe it or not thais is my first time on a ship. Yep, lived in the city all my life and never set foot on a ship. Has there been much smuggling of "exotic" creatures into the city? Have you seen anthy else weird lately?" Gil steps out of the way when the sgt. calls for help and keeps clear for others to help.
  16. Congrats!! Way to go. Best of luck on your next 5 years you luck b*****d.
  17. I know it's been said but- That's awesome. I'd like to see how it handles obsticals though.
  18. Congrats on 25!!!! Heres to another 25.
  19. Yeah, but if it's medium rare it's already way over done.
  20. Actually the beer will make the bacon unpalatable. See you've gone and burned it now. It put it in the pan, count 3 flip, count 3 serve.
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