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  1. They taste kind of bland, actually... Seriously, my introduction to them was my boss (at the photo lab) eating them. He did it to freak me out. Then I did it to freak another co-worker out. Yeah, the photo chemicals got to us, I think. I agree they are bland. I too have eaten them to freak out new hires.
  2. I would have pegged the quokka as a mini kangaroo, rather than a rat personally.
  3. I don't know when you compare the images the first major difference I see is the ears, the new rat has rounder ears set on the side of it's head while the Quokka Has pointier ears set higher. The face of the rat seems less pointy too. I wish they had a better pic of the rat to really compare the two.
  4. My Dad does exactly this as he refuses to pay the copayment for dental visits. Ah, now come on, you could at least lend him your dremmel for that.
  5. That is one big rat. I'd hate to be infested by those. And the rat in the picture looks bigger than three pounds.
  6. Only as the swallow flies. Why is the song "45 Seconds of Ecstasy" 66 seconds long?
  7. I'm with Rastl, I think that the property owner has every right to the find. I think the 10% finders fee was a very generous thing to do.
  8. I really want to know the story behind this one - I mean, the thought that someone did what the warning implies - and then testified about it in court is just too hilarious... I think that the story behind that one would scare me.
  9. No. Does just reading the word "o'Hare" in reference to airports give you the willies?
  10. Snakes are cool. That's a very nifty find.
  11. Which leads to the question: Which forums were you posting on? Beleive it or not, none. I only hang out at two forums - this one, and the Trainboard Model Railroading forum. My posts here outnumber my posts there about 300 to 1. I actually refrained from logging onto the web yesterday for anything beyond reading a few new stories and doing my shipping at FedEx. Trying to actually do the same today, and you suckered me into a second post - gosh darnit! I guess that make me your enabler then.
  12. Which leads to the question: Which forums were you posting on?
  13. The funny thing is the the shelter here does just that for our spring auction. The Paw-print art sometimes sells for a pretty penny, a couple hundred. Then again ours are for a good cause. (oh and ours come with a picture of the "artist" as well.)
  14. But the shading is poor, and I would have liked to see a larger pallette used.
  15. Not only does Santa regularly use derogatory words, he also encorages a poor diet and obesity:Top doctor in U.S. says big guy sets bad example
  16. It is a Ral Partha beholder: 11-055 Manxam the Beholder from the AD&D Personalities series
  17. Gil looks at the head gaurd, "So as some of us lack, errr, experience on a sialing ship; I don't suppose you could give us a hand getting the Nixie back to dock? I'm sure that Lady Vanderboren will be most greatful to have here ship safe at home."
  18. Until they can come up with at the very least a skeleton or better a body or live specimin I will continue to be extremely skeptical about the existance of such a creature.
  19. Silly, if you took it off there would be no stunt.
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