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  1. Yes Do you think bringing LTA craft back would reduce flight costs?
  2. or drunk: "Bender said alcohol was believed to be a factor in the accident."
  3. No kristof's house is much closer. Can we still have it there?
  4. All I'm going to say is I don't care if you wish me a happy whatever-holiday-your-religion-happens-to-celebrate, I'll still wish you a Happy Darwin Day in Feb.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. That would be awesome for those loading/unloading jobs that are too heavy fo a person but a forklift is a bit of overkill.
  6. He can't be your Robin Hood unless he share with you, the Guinness deprived. What I love is that the article state that the police were looking for the thief, It didn't say they got him, does that imply they've given up?
  7. I never really associated Jeramiah the bullfrog with christmas...
  8. Just keep popping them one every minute untile it feels like your heart is going to explode then stop, down two Jolt Colas and you'll be good. How long did you want to vibrate?
  9. No one knows for sure, but we know the answer is 42. Didn't we go over this already?
  10. Nor did he say that we had to cover lodging...
  11. As I've never eaten at a chipotle and qdoba didn't impess me the one time I ate there...Taco John's Favorite sushi?
  12. TV's Mr. Whipple passes Mr. Whipple is one of those Icon's of commercial television; I grew up hearing "please don't sqeeze the Charmin."
  13. The baseball team will be next, or the field hockey team...
  14. Not to mention having to walk through metal detectors or get wanded...When I was in school almost every guy and some of the girls carried a pocket knife. Not because it was a weapon but because it is a tool.
  15. 73. TAKAHASHI'S LAW 2: The two-foot-tall old geezer is someone to be feared. AKA: The Law of Yoda.
  16. I agree I think a sport suspension would have been more appropriate. I don't see where this is all that serious. In fact I don't see why disiplinary action went futher than the coach.
  17. because we must all have our priorities...
  18. Agreed, unfortunately it's the idiots who are more likely to breed irresponsibly.
  19. Hey, I was browsing about and discovered that the place got shut down Wednesday by the NYC health department. One would thing if you were making that kind of money that they could afford to have the place cleaned and hire an exterminator. Linky
  20. Gil sheathes his rapier and joins Tolan with the gaurds. "The lady ougt to be glad of the recovery of her ring, and that her ship ain't gone to sea with out here men crewing it."
  21. For some reason I hear that in Stewie's voice.
  22. I don't put up a tree at all anymore. Xmas trees are just very large cat toys anyhow. I have been tempted to get a big tumble weed, spay paint it silver, and sting some lights on it...
  23. Of course, everyone knows that a "Bunny" is one of those women who hang out with Hugh and have nekkid pictures taken of them.
  24. So doe we have to change the name of a certain gardening implement now too?
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