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  1. I would really hate to be a kid these days trying to enjoy high school. I mean, we had rules and things to follow but we could still get away with a lot.


    Not to mention having to walk through metal detectors or get wanded...When I was in school almost every guy and some of the girls carried a pocket knife. Not because it was a weapon but because it is a tool.

  2. I personally find it funny, and have to agree, a suspension from school seems a little hamfisted. I could agree with a suspension from cheerleading activities, maybe some form of community service - cleaning up the stands, locker room, gym, etc.


    I agree I think a sport suspension would have been more appropriate. I don't see where this is all that serious. In fact I don't see why disiplinary action went futher than the coach.

  3. Hey, I was browsing about and discovered that the place got shut down Wednesday by the NYC health department. One would thing if you were making that kind of money that they could afford to have the place cleaned and hire an exterminator.



  4. To be frank, I would find seeing a santa ringing a bell collecting quarters yelling out "ha ha ha" much more disturbing. Never trust a Santa that's laughing non-stop for no known reason. I had to learn that one the hard way. Damn you Santa!!


    For some reason I hear that in Stewie's voice.

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