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  1. At least it wasn't a government bah, just some company trying to be over PC.
  2. Same here, that first pic was definately and rather poorly photoshopped.
  3. I've seen that one already. It is great though. I've got one, Ed, who does the slap the face with the paw thing.
  4. It's amazing to think that one tiny change in a gene will enable a virus which normally causes tiny, usually easily cured blemishes to create "roots."
  5. Shed no tears friend, for it wasn't a Reaper mini. It wasn't nearly the tragedy that could have befallen you had it been a Sophie yoou were working on.
  6. You know from the title I thought this was going to be another PTL club type thing. But that's actually kind of cool.
  7. Oh I don't know the Escamoles don't look too bad. No, I'm being serious here.
  8. I don't have a library card either. I only purchace books, never borrow.
  9. Here's some Goldschläger. Go nuts. I love Goldschläger. Jedi Mind trick:1, Goldschlager - 1 oz. 2, Irish Cream - 3 dash 3, Melon liqueur - 2 dash 4, Rum - 2 dash
  10. 14:22 yesterday and 09:47 Tuesday of last week. Can you tell us what you were doing at the time as well?
  11. No you are not missing anything.
  12. No, you just have the tiger snake, King Brown, Brown, Fierce, and other deadly snakes that will kill a dog in a single bite (not to mention the Sydney funnel web spiders). Hey, aren't even the dogs in Australia venomous as well.
  13. In the porcupine-skunk I'd pick the skunk anyday. I've know several pups who had to be euthanized due to the damage done by a porcupines quills. The smell goes away eventually. Besides you get used to skunk smell after a while, I can even do the skunk freezer at the shelter without gagging.
  14. It was probably done using peyote stitch.
  15. Duck Tape dude, that's what the duck tape is for (well one of the many uses).
  16. Who needs to sew when you have trash bags, construction paper and a stapler...
  17. I have one group that is migrating and one that is not so I guess I'll just have to sit on the fence because they are both good groups.
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