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  1. Yeah Heis I was noticing the same. Or the person looks real but the animal looks like it was a drawing or something? Just the shading and fuzziness some of it doesn't jive. Could be real and I know people have tried it.


    I was under the impression Zebra's are able to be tamed but not domesticated (two different things my friend) as they are more nervous creatures.


    Same here, that first pic was definately and rather poorly photoshopped.

  2. Or a skunk then a porcupine ! :blink:

    Hope she's alright and I'm glad we don't have those sort of animals in my country .



    No, you just have the tiger snake, King Brown, Brown, Fierce, and other deadly snakes that will kill a dog in a single bite (not to mention the Sydney funnel web spiders). :rolleyes:


    Hey, aren't even the dogs in Australia venomous as well. :poke::lol:

  3. In the porcupine-skunk I'd pick the skunk anyday. I've know several pups who had to be euthanized due to the damage done by a porcupines quills. The smell goes away eventually.


    Besides you get used to skunk smell after a while, I can even do the skunk freezer at the shelter without gagging.

  4. I know very little about beading - however, my wife has done beadweaving on a loom her mom gave her. Here's where she got stuck - making complex items. She can make things like single piece bracelets, bookmarks and chokers, but she got stuck at making things with different shapes and connecting multiple pieces together.


    For example, she saw a really nice beaded bikini top in an ad in one of the craft magazines she has, and although she could tell it was probably made on a loom, she couldn't figure out how to connect the various pieces together once they were completed.


    Anyway, that's where she got "stuck" doing beadweaving, so it's one thing to consider.


    It was probably done using peyote stitch.

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