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  1. I'm a fourth generation Red Sox fan in Colorado. Man, it's hard trying to work with these people today! They're moping around like someone killed their puppy...


    I don't see why they really didn't let us down. They just choked later in the post season than expected.

  2. Speaking as one who's town only this month got a FLGS they will miss them when they are gone. I am doing my best to do all my gaming purchaces from my FLGS, even if the price is a bit higher. The face to face with other gamers in the community outside of a regular group is well worth it.

  3. And then you have a bunch of orcs with wired reflexes armed with smartlinked Aries Predators...


    Yeah and we don't care much fer dat humanity drek either. Emotions are fer panzies anyhow.


    Yeah, they can be chipped anyhow. Just run the ones you want.

  4. Hmm, I'd stick with human. Seriously chipped, but human.


    I think the more realistic question is what "would" you become not what would you choose to be. Personally I would never choose to be an elf anyhow. I like to break elves. Immortal my arse. Yur bleedin good enuf. That's why I say Orc or Dwarf although if I was being 100% honest I'd end up as an Orc I'm way to layed back be a dwarf. lol


    Well in that case I'd probably end up a Wendigo...

  5. I would either go for Elf or halfling. I love to eat and it would be great to be a 3 foot bottomless pit. Currently I'm a five foot bottomless pit . . . and the shortest one in my family so I am a hobbit of sorts. ::):


    Halfling isn't a SR race. :poke:


    My wife calls me a hobbit because of how hairy my feet are...plus I'm a bottomless pit.

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