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  1. Lacuna Coil is a great band. I love their music. On a similar note Velvet Revolver's site is block from my work because of "Adult Content."
  2. Gil yells out to the group on deck, "Hey, they forgot about the skiff they used. It's still tied over here."
  3. So I'm not the only one who's first though was hey look posers?
  4. I can reccomend the Ad-aware as well.
  5. I read, watch movies and listen to music. Mostly I practice Chaos theory as there are currently 19 cats in my household (most are foster fur-kids) and 8 dogs.
  6. I would hope that it's the first. Isn't a thong a type of shoe?
  7. With genetic engineering speciation within a give genus gould happen quickly. I would imagine that if the changes were not to extensive then interbreeding would be probable. The offsping may or may not be sterile, like mules(yes mules can be fertile it's like 1 in 10000 but still has been recorded) or the offspring may not be able to survive either parent's environment. If we diverge too much I would imagine that we not only would be different species but also different genera as well.
  8. That has to be the nicest reader I've looked at.
  9. We' got the better end of that deal, go down to sea level and drink, you can hold more...
  10. I was thinking the residing in non-Earth locations would be likely to result in divergence even with out a catastrophe. One would imagine that we would start to develope adaptations to allow us to live more easily in our new environments. I don't beleive that teraforming would ever produce an exact duplicate to Earth. Not to mention the adaptaions we might accuire if we have segments of our population who were lived out their lives space-born.
  11. I saw an article recently that said less intelligient people are more likely to take risks. Some of them get lucky enough for things to pay off. Is now a good time to mention the movie Idiocracy?
  12. Wow, that's just....wow! I love that there are actually heads in the design.
  13. Hasn't this already happened? Doesn't this divide already exist? Sort of, there's actually another group you forgot...the French.
  14. OOo more bloodstone gnome goodness. I like the classic wolfman too.
  15. I remember those days. I remember when you could buy GW stuff for a decent price. I only have a dozen or so GW figures but they are all well over 10 years old.
  16. The Rockies are still going to win the series.
  17. No, but I'm not the one to ask for the bed. Will it be a problem for Bilesuck?
  18. My favorite is Jamie saying "I don't think our death ray is working. I'm standing right in it, and I'm not dead yet."
  19. I'd like to see the Rockies in 4 but I think I have to agree with haldir- Rocks in 5
  20. The first one. Are you going to activate "the curse?"
  21. I suppose you would. So good you'll want to fail your SAN check.
  22. Mmmmm...Cthulhu Crunch. I love how it stays crispy even in blood.
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