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  1. I was thinking about the article and this whole topic a bit more, and one of the things Rodnik said about living on different planets and eventually not being able to tolerate other environments. How long would that actually take? Millions of years? Even in the tens of thousands of years that the human species divided up into the various races and cultures, we can still interbreed. I would think an evolutionary shift in genetics that would diverge us enough to make us incapable of surviving in each other's environments would have to effect our ability to interbreed? That would have to take quite a bit of time too, if it were to occur without genetic manipulation. Then again, maybe not - I'm definately no more than an interested layman on this subject.


    With genetic engineering speciation within a give genus gould happen quickly. I would imagine that if the changes were not to extensive then interbreeding would be probable. The offsping may or may not be sterile, like mules(yes mules can be fertile it's like 1 in 10000 but still has been recorded) or the offspring may not be able to survive either parent's environment. If we diverge too much I would imagine that we not only would be different species but also different genera as well.

  2. I invite any of you who have lived at sea level most of your lives to come visit Denver. I guarantee you that you'll have trouble breathing for the first few days at least, until you become aclimated. That experience alone should convince most skeptics that climate does make a difference.


    We' got the better end of that deal, go down to sea level and drink, you can hold more... :blues:

  3. Rodnik - Your idea of a genetic reset will mean a much more likely chance of divergence if we do begin inhabiting other planets, as any type of catastrophe is most likely going to be limited to the planet.


    I was thinking the residing in non-Earth locations would be likely to result in divergence even with out a catastrophe. One would imagine that we would start to develope adaptations to allow us to live more easily in our new environments. I don't beleive that teraforming would ever produce an exact duplicate to Earth. Not to mention the adaptaions we might accuire if we have segments of our population who were lived out their lives space-born.

  4. Isn't it amazing the small group of smart people are not the ones in power? Is it because we all know better and know the torture that would await us? Not to mention opposition to creating plans that . . . well . . . make sense and are logical?


    Sorry, in a sarcastic mood about this topic!

    I saw an article recently that said less intelligient people are more likely to take risks. Some of them get lucky enough for things to pay off.



    Is now a good time to mention the movie Idiocracy?

  5. Well, for me, it's because I've been a gamer (rpgs) and mini-painter since the very early 80's. Back then there was no GW. It was Ral Partha, Grenadier, Superior, or other, smaller companies now long gone.


    I remember those days. I remember when you could buy GW stuff for a decent price. I only have a dozen or so GW figures but they are all well over 10 years old.

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