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  1. Gill will go to the stern and see if there is a launch still there. If not he will search the rest of the top deck for anything that could be used as a boat to get to the dock.
  2. ...and here I though I was just communicating on a level more easily understood by the grunts.
  3. Those are reasonable pre-screening precautions that are intended to look out for the animal. No point in adopting an animal to someone who's going to potentially have it in violation of their lease, which would put the animal at risk of abandonment again. I'm sure you also have policies about adopting too many animals to the same people and adopting out animals to families that would put them beyond their city's ordinances for the number of animals, too. That's all good. We also have the "if you chose to give up the animal you have to relinquish it back to us" clause in our contract. I know that we have never gone and snached an animal that was given to another family like in the case of Ellen. I only know of one occasion where we even sent out an ACO to do a well check. We've even had given away animals come in as stays and allowed the new owners to reclaim them.
  4. See the article on AP said different. AP linky
  5. And people think that the shelter I work at is strict because we require proof of rabies vaccinations on any other pets in the household and for renters a copy of their renter agreement/lease showing that they are in fact allowed to have a pet.
  6. Ok, I'm not defending Mutts and Moms actions, but they did not sy they don't adopt dogs to home with children under 14, they said they don't adopt small breeds. This is a practice that many shelters at least keep under advisement. Small breeds can be easily, unintentuionally injured by a child, even if they are not being too rough. I know not all children are going to hurt, even accidently a dog, but it is a common issue. I also know from personal experience that there are many small breed dogs who simply don't tolerate children and could bite a child just for getting too close.
  7. Good Luck. The pay increase should be well worth the down side.
  8. See, you should have had a couple of shots around the 8th inning and you would have been OK.
  9. You know, I hadn't thought about it reinforcing a stereotype when I read it but noww.... Yeah Baby, yeah.
  10. How'd those dwarven boots feel as we stomped you into the field? Next up, the Mystery Men. The mystery being why they even bother to show. Oh wait maybe they don't...
  11. My team is going to the Series, will yours.
  12. Happy Birthday, hopefully you can celebrate with another Cleveland win.
  13. "What about the second boat? The one me and Malrae came on? Is it still down there?" Gil says rushing over to where they boarded and looking down.
  14. Wow, you really seem to know what you;re talking about there... Well they do happen to be in my division. We get special training.
  15. Sorry to dissapoint you but I already had my turn. Hey Qwyk a little bit of antibiotic ointment will clear that right up, thogh you may want to give your players a general broad spectrum A-B just to make sure there isn't any internal infection as well.
  16. Oooo two of my favorite things, C'thulhu and big stompy robots.
  17. I was just making and example, personally I prefer somthing with off road capabilities.
  18. Eh, don't worry about it Meg - my experience is the sell by date is longer for women who've never been married or had kids. Marriage and kids causes them to depreciate rapidly, just like driving that new car off the lot. (BTW, that was said with tongue firmly in cheek - I'm far happier with my "used" 2nd wife). You know in a way women are like cars, and I'd much rather have a used Rolls than a brand new Kia.
  19. Hey there.. would not want to let you down then here you go! ::SMOOCHES AND HUGGLES:: just for you Staytes!! :) Muhahahahaha. I got ya!! Oh Great, now you've got them all slimey for their stomp-down this week.
  20. Not really the cookbook gave it away. Ready for AvP2?
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