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  1. Hi all, quick question what are some paints you would like to see from reaper? I would like to see a line of effect paints, such as a few different rust effects, something for a running oil or grease, and a very flat black for soot build up.
  2. i'm not sure on the value cut off on orders is for the. I had placed a few orders of over $100 USD and got one set with each order, one black set and one Blue.
  3. I don't Pin a lot of my minis, i just use a E6000 or epoxy to hold my minis together.
  4. Can we please have a new edition of old Doom minis? Assuming the molds still exist and Bethesda doesn't want too much to allow you to make them again. I can think of some really fun encounters i could use a Baron of Hell for.
  5. I'll double check but I don't remember it having a SKU on the Box just a bar code.
  6. Almost done with my Banshee just need to let the baking dry, any idea for it?
  7. I recently got a few packs of the new Pizza Dungeon Dice. I have my own opinions but i would like to know what everyone thinks of them? I understand that these are basically beta test Dice and not indicative of the Quality of the dice once they are for sale. The two packs I got roll well no noticeable bias in their random number generation after one game of 5e, I will be doing a one hundred roll average test to see how they do. The paint in the numbers is iffy though, but we are all miniature painters here so fixing that will be easy. I will definitely be playing these dice for a long time, and really want to see what the pricing will be. I like the plastic cases the dice come in and I will reuse them for something. Though I kinda think a mini cardboard pizza box would be amazing, but that would probably be to expensive to have made Can't speak for everyone but I would definitely be down for a set of more expensive Supreme Pizza Dungeon Metal Dice and packs of single types of dice, like a pack of 7d4 for my wizard.
  8. So how about for standard 28mm minis, we just give the height in the Description. but when we have minis that are ether smaller or bigger than 28mm we add a picture that has both the mini that we need scale for and a standard mini like Sir Forscale so we can easily understand the size difference.
  9. I would love a set of a few properly evil looking Mind Flayers. most the ones i have seen have been kinda bland.
  10. hey does anyone have any clearer pictures of the minis, it almost looks like one of the minis is basically a Murloc mini.
  11. Thanks all. I love how Reaper Uses a lot of there new mini's for a lot of there Promos, and not minis that have not sold well, or are factory seconds.
  12. Hey sorry if this was asked before, i was looking at the web site and i'm not seeing the promo minis for march. any one know what they are yet?
  13. Hello all I finished my Ma'al Drakar the other day and thought you may like to see her. constructive criticism is welcome. EDIT: I should remember that .NEF files don't show up as pictures... resaved as a .JPEG
  14. I like to have a sliding scale of detail I do on Mini's. Trash mobs, and packs I do really quickly. High level mobs I spend an evening or two working on. Then my Boss Mobs I will do as close to competition quality as I can manage.
  15. Hi all, I'm working on finishing up filling and priming my Grimtalon mini. I have been poring over reference pictures of eagles and raptors. I have done a few tests and i'm not liking my results, and I am relay curious how ya'll have painted feathers. Thanks for the advice, Niles
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