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  1. Face_Rollan

    Hobby Paint Shaker

    This is what i use (i remixed a design someone made for AP). Reaper Paint Shaker for Reciprocating Saw found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2946370 This took some unusable paint (from being frozen) to usable. If you don't know someone with a 3d printer, a lot of libraries have them for public use.
  2. Face_Rollan

    Which Reaper Core Set to get?

    Is the HD the one that's a hybrid gel medium?
  3. Face_Rollan

    Which Reaper Core Set to get?

    So no major differences, like Vallejo game vs model color? Thanks again for the info and previous replies.
  4. Good morning guys! Q: if buying one of the reaper core sets (108 bottle set), what's the main difference in them? I'm looking into buying a complete paint set. I've been doing a ton of research and have settled on a reaper core set (i already own several reaper paints and love them). I know that everyone suggests a blend of several companies based on which has the best, e.g. yellow, or metallics. I just want to make it simple, buy a set and build from there. I'll mostly be painting 40k and privateer press models with some terrain and 3d prints mixed in (i have a cheapo set of acrylics from Michael's for large terrain and 3d prints). I've also considered the Vallejo Model set, and Army Painter Mega Set. Thanks in advance!