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  1. From EC3D's Empire of Scorching Sands Kickstarter.
  2. I converted one to have no tail and the other to have no wings. I'm happy with how well I was able to make it look like a natural part of the models.
  3. 44071 Dark Elf Priestess 44070 Dark Elf Female Warrior 44072 Dark Elf Male Warrior 44073 Dark Elf Wizard 44074 Dark Elf Elite
  4. All of my christmas mini/paint acquisitions. I also recieved a light for my painting area and a rack for my paints.
  5. Model is from Ill Gotten Games, printed i8n clear green resin on my Elegoo Mars.
  6. I bought this over the summer, before I learned what most of the monsters are supposed to look like, and I immediately thought it was some kind of sea creature. It isn't as good as I would be able to paint it now, but I am very happy with the wet blending.
  7. I finished this a couple of weeks ago, and I am very happy with how it turned out.
  8. The first image are Myrmourn Banshees from GW, the blue ghosts are from the Bones 4 Stygian Barge, and the skeleton in heavy armor is a Barrow Warden? from Reaper. Everything else is 3d printed.
  9. I've been painting a lot of undead recently. I'm pretty happy with how they all turned out.
  10. I got the box yesterday and made my picks. I'm going to pack it up tonight and I should be sending it out friday.
  11. Some undead that I painted on halloween. everything except for the nightspectre is 3D printed.
  12. Got my second ever order from Reaper today, as well as some GW skeletons and a bones mini from my FLGS and an Age of Sigmar starter set to split with a friend from amazon.
  13. I really like the color scheme, and it looks really good so far.
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