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  1. Definitely in the evening, or more accurately late night/early morning. I stayed up past 5 a couple times over the summer.
  2. A few things I have completed recently. Sorry for the crappy pictures. Feedback welcomed. 06142 Khamsin Rangers Various Bones IV Minis CMON Wrath of Kings Minis from the Starter Box Unknown Metal Mini 3D Printed Cultists Another 3D printed mini (not sure what this one is).
  3. Already failed. I started a new diorama that I won't finish a few hours after posting this. I can't answer this, since the only time I listen to songs with lyrics is against my will. Creativity. Though most people probably dont notice I exist. I didn't go to Reapercon, but now that school has started and I am getting used to the decreased free time I'm excited to be able to start working on things again.
  4. I'd like to be a part of this, though if my low post count or newness to the forum are an issue I'll understand.
  5. Try to finish at least one project every day, and not start anything new.
  6. Just pledged for the elf battalion. I hope I can save enough for the dead battalion and some addons too before the pledge manager closes.
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