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  1. so your saying is that u like the look of gerard and want to use him. only with the stats of another model instead of the stats of gerard?
  2. what i do is melt down pieces of solder and drop it on a flat surface. it looks cool when it dries
  3. they will only work on paper. i'v used thses before and the blade isnt sharp at all.
  4. anyone know if there are more necropolis models are going to be relesed soon. hopefully one with blazer.
  5. other than the fact that I put Chaper instead of Chapter how was it?
  6. haha u lost 50 cause i never cry.ever
  7. sure i would love to go take Tagarthos from you......what I'm not going to act like i dont mean it and change words around.
  8. Any advise on what you could do to prepair for a battle with reven
  9. hmm your right thats 1047. normally i dont use banshees, and i havent gotten naomi so i forgot to add her points to my regular 739 point army. Judas-Wraiths x9/Nivar Athak-9 skel archers
  10. Im not trying to be a jerk. and im not resorting to name calling, and I dont think im the best at anything. I just want to try and prove that what im saying isnt totally wrong, and if I am wrong get a clear answer at where I went wrong. and yeah i havnt played many games. notbecause i think im all great and im better, but that the only store is about an hour away. and as for my arguing...some people say I was a lawyer in a past life.
  11. After reading the horrid and shock ability about 5 times. I think im wrong
  12. only when other people try to tell me im wrong when im right and even if i am wrong...that book is the second most confusing thing iv ever read.(1st being the complete DCI rules for magic the gathering TCG
  13. yeah i know u need 2 discipline checks but that doesnt mean its not possible.
  14. so a skeleton can go into base-to-base with it, it just needs a discipline check
  15. what does priming do? do u apply it before u paint them?
  16. well now it looks like he i jumping and about to stab them. I could have done better matching it up but i was feeling bad from the glue smell
  17. 1. in the real thing there is no pinkish tone 2. i know i put nivars sword on backwards, i did it on purpose because no one goes into battle with their sword behind them. 3.the only thing i used was the paint and a lacqer overcoat 4.my camera is bad so this is the best i can get
  18. im not thats y i dont play with an almost 200 point dissadvantage
  19. im still buying pieces so ill make sure not to be retarded and play a 1000 point game that i would have no chance at winning
  20. good question. they should be grouping up to one huge wave of attackers to kill my people in one huge mass of short. if the other player is smart. and presuming that its a 1000 point game. and im only using 839 points while they have 1000
  21. the point was to kill the griffon. so it doesnt matter how it gets done just as long as it done. and from what i can see discipline checks are a pain to pass
  22. here is what i did with my spawn. (see topic at top) http://www.geocities.com/cohee32225/spawn.jpg http://www.geocities.com/cohee32225/spawn1.jpg http://www.geocities.com/cohee32225/spawn2.jpg
  23. ok these are to big so click the links below nivar spawn spawn2 spawn3 crimson knight necromancer
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