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  1. Im not trying to be a jerk. and im not resorting to name calling, and I dont think im the best at anything. I just want to try and prove that what im saying isnt totally wrong, and if I am wrong get a clear answer at where I went wrong. and yeah i havnt played many games. notbecause i think im all great and im better, but that the only store is about an hour away. and as for my arguing...some people say I was a lawyer in a past life.

  2. 1. in the real thing there is no pinkish tone

    2. i know i put nivars sword on backwards, i did it on purpose because no one goes into battle with their sword behind them.

    3.the only thing i used was the paint and a lacqer overcoat

    4.my camera is bad so this is the best i can get

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