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  1. I guess ill post my best painted ones here and in the show off thing http://www.geocities.com/cohee32225/nivar.jpg http://www.geocities.com/cohee32225/spawn.jpg http://www.geocities.com/cohee32225/spawn1.jpg http://www.geocities.com/cohee32225/spawn2.jpg http://www.geocities.com/cohee32225/crimson.jpg http://www.geocities.com/cohee32225/necromancer.jpg
  2. i signed up about an hour ago and i dunno about my painting because i have a slight amount of that thing that makes your hand constantly shake. i always forget what its called
  3. basically the same only making it so that its a legal formation yeah this is the best i could come up with.(my friend that i play with isnt exactly a tactician so its hard to reform it to something else when so far it works)
  4. iv changed it a little. mostly after i read the rules a little. like i know now that the elite and leader models are included in the regular number (4-11/1) i didnt know that the 11 includes the 1 and the leader. so iv done a few changes
  5. somewhat. the most i could say for other enemy troops is that my archers would have to shoot them off as much as they can while Judas trys finish them off while the banshees, breakers, and wraiths try to kill the griffon. but yes i have played this out to the extent of someone who has played only a few games could
  6. its should work in theory i mean it has 5 health if it is attacked my my banshees then being swarmed by breakers and wraiths (and wraiths of course have reach SOMEONE has do do some damage. after the first two points of damage the griffon should not be much of a problem only having 10 DV at that point. and i dont know about u but i always have my troops near my 9 archers + naomi so while in flight it has to worry about being in L.O.S of my archers and banshees, while on ground it has worry about being swarmed by breakers and wraiths
  7. I thought i read that flyers had to land on the ground before attacking a non flying model.and i quote from the book "While in flight, the model cannot attack or be attacked by ground models except via spells or ranged combat actions" so for it to attack my non flying banshee it would have to land where my breakers and wraiths can attack it
  8. of course ur basing this on if the banshees arnt near anyone if your trying to take something that big down. then your definatly going to use some skel breakers or wraiths along with the banshees
  9. Ohhh so if your playing like a 1000 point game and you only use like 925 then u can use 75 points to buy spells with. is this right?
  10. but i still dont know how to get the points
  11. k last question. wtf are the point costs for. most are like 10. and undying host is 75
  12. but i dunno how people would react playing with just about all generic models
  13. yeah but if a persons all necropolis they can have more that 1 banshee dwarves cant get more than 1 griffon
  14. ok the spell catagory was the most confusing thing iv read besides the official DCI rules for magic the gathering. i need a clear explination for using spells in general. Most specifically the undying host necropolis ability. Can a regular necromancer use it? or just Naomi
  15. fine i will say they were good at painting just the colors chosen i think could have been chosen better
  16. Caden

    ReaperCon 2005

    I really dont care about the when. its the where that i care about. cause i couldnt go if its not northern florida or southern georgia then i couldnt go anyway.
  17. One thing you have correct is that the girly elves are quite annoying...unfortunatly the Necropolis is surrounded by them (see balance of power)
  18. aww how nice but i hope you are comming soon....I could use a new foot rest
  19. Well ok. i dont think a giant bright pink monster should belong to DARKspawn
  20. is there anyway to rename this section, i dunno it could just use a better name look at some of the other clans overlords-Lords of Cracla cursaders-Denelspire Dwarves-The Axe and Hammer Tavern reven-"It's not easy being green" (give them some credit the orcs arnt smart) elves-Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command then necropolis-dead people these are all the forum lists for the different clans and ours i think is the worst named can we change it somehow?
  21. no grunts and only the spawn of Mashaf is the only cool looking one(excluding the core books paint job that looks aweful. I used the same pallet used for the alliens in "ALIEN ALIENS, ALIEN ,3 and Alien Ressurection"
  22. or possibly the worst torture off all....forcing them to watch the entire star treck series when it was starring shatner...and removing the tribbles episode that was cool
  23. he may be necro mostly because he is using 2 kris daggers which are famous for necromancers
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