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  1. HAHA EXALTED! THAT! haah sorry exalted has the worst minis. ok the new greens are not listed in the reaper store. and when they become listed the webmasters for that section are slow so it wolnt be in the clan arranged area yet (example the the battle nuns arent in the crusaders section yet and the new overlord grunt soldiers that have like swords arent in that section yet) i dunno why but they like stopped updating the arranged listing.
  2. well to tell u the truth....I have yet to play a REAL game. the store that plays is like 1 1/2 hours away so i usually play like messing around games with my friend. but I like to make tactics before hand so I know what would work (in theory) as a counter attack
  3. ------------------------------------NECROPOLIS CLAN------------------------------------ --------------------------------The Knights Of Ravenholm-------------------------------- Clan for supporters of the necropolis. accepting members now at http://knights-of-ravenholm.tk/. If this doesnt work TRY HERE
  4. hello after reading the warlord core book about 4 times i finnaly understand it. but because one of my friends doesnt have it i typed a simplified version of the book. it doesnt go totally in depth like the real thing but it helps with the wording of the non-combat and combat phase. I figured that i should ask you before i post this and u should read it over just to make sure its correct.i would have emailed it but it takes days for a reply
  5. My small formation involves a main attack force of Judas, 9 wraith harvesters, Nivar, and Syphilla. following a few inches behind is Azarphan, 10 skelatal archers and Naomi Naomi uses the undying host skill as soon as possibe.Judas is the main attack force including the spectral minions, they advance on the enemy while the archers combine to volly and kill as many as they can untill Judas is able to intercept and destroy. This is the basis to all of my forces all the way up to the largest forces.
  6. Alright however i would prefer it if you were to ask or at least tell me if you were moving my posts
  7. Welcome, I am Caden, Vampire knight, leader of The Knights Of Ravenholm, and lastly supporter of the Necropolis. It seems that the fools of Taltos are grouping together to devise strategies againts us. So I decided to lend my help to lord Bloodspire. Post strategies, warplans, and troop ideas here.My the Necropolis succeed in there battles, and all others die and be risen by our hands
  8. Try as you might to protect your land, but lord Bloodspire will conquer all. However, in death, you may be given the honor as the foot rests to I or the other lords
  9. well i dont have much money so i have to buy in small quanities but i have my force pre arranged. Judas Wraiths x11 Syphilla Azarphan skel archers x10 naomi its also arranged by troop.
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